FOMO Update

Fomo Malawi – Food deliveries and feeding programme at the 14 centres working well. Feels very unnatural, but hopefully it will help to keep the children safe. We will be in this for the long haul and all your support is valued. One bit of good news is that the form 4’s can go back to school on the 18th May to get ready for the National exams in June and July. This like all around the world will have an effect on a whole generation of children. We need to secure food and a sense of security for the children. Support Fomo helping in these difficult times  Click Here

Stay Safe Keith



  • 14 centres are open and continuing with feeding programme for 3,500 children.
  • Social distancing and hand washing being maintained at centres.
  • Tailoring making facemasks.
  • Driving and computer school closed at the moment.
  • Studio producing weekly update, (Fridays on facebook)
  • Continuing to purchase beans, maize  and are looking for rice to support the feeding programme.
  • Sports programmes including premiere league cancelled.
  • School to reopen for Form 4 only on 18th May so they can take the national exams.

FOMO still needs your support as fundraising almost on hold for the foreseeable future, but we are trying various things. To donate Click Here

Covid 19 May 6th 2020

  • National Schools to reopen for Form 4 and STD 8 only on 18th May
  • Lockdown suspended by courts, now under judicial review, (ie in too difficult tray)
  • Some official restrictions on size of gatherings. Totally ignored by government as election campaign starts up.
  • Airports closed and travel restrictions to neighbouring countries in place.
  • Tested = 1032
  • Testing centres = 5
  • Deaths = 3
  • Cases = 43
  • Recovered = 14

That’s a good idea a Balloon Race. Bit of fun and raising funds, must be good.

  • (No balloons are actually released, all done by computer)

Each balloon costs £3 and you can buy as many as you like. Click here to create an account with Eco Racing and buy balloons supporting FOMO.

Virtual Balloon Race

Each balloon costs £3 and you can buy as many as you like. Click here to create an account with Eco Racing and buy balloons supporting FOMO.

Covid 19 – FOMO is in for long haul to help continue the feeding programme for thousands of orphaned children in Malawi. You can help by joining our new online fundraiser. We are asking our supporters to take part in a virtual balloon race to help raise funds for our crucial work caring for the most vulnerable people at this difficult time.

You can personalise your balloons and modify them to give them the best chance of winning the 7-day race. The balloons will be ‘released’ on 2nd June, and using real-time weather data, they will travel a virtual race, with the winning balloons receiving prizes.

For the overall race winners there is a £500 cash prize and an Apple iPad up for grabs for the balloons that have travelled the furthest by the end of the race on 9th June. Additionally, for FOMO supporters there are Love 2 Shop vouchers for the winning balloons, £30 for first place, £20 for second and £10 for third.

Maximise your chances of winning by purchasing as many balloons as you like!

Taking part in the online balloon race is a great, eco-friendly way to have fun competition with your friends and family, as you can track the balloons on the Eco Racing website over the course of the 7-day race. So why not encourage your loved ones to take part as well, or buy some in their name.

Please share this exciting new fundraiser with your contacts and buy your balloons at the Eco Racing website.


FOMO says a massive thank you to all of those who were able to make a donation to help with our mission to improve the lives of the children in Mulanje. In the past month we have been able to maintain the feeding programme, clinic including the HIV/Aids unit. As our secondary school has been closed to the Covid 19 restrictions, the staff have implemented a distance learning scheme through our 14 centre and electronic platforms for those that have access to phones.

As a result of Covid 19 restrictions a system of social distances and hand washing with soap has been implemented at the centres. Though not perfect, the children and staff are coping well with the new restrictions.

The tailoring centre is busy making face masks, but other activities have had to be suspended, Computer and Driving School.

Unfortunately the formal playschool period have had to be suspended, but the children are still able to attend their nearest centre to access food.

Out of school activities, including football and netball have had to be suspended as a result of government restrictions.

Official News: The government tried to implement a UK style stay at home 21 day lockdown, but this was challenged in the court and still after two weeks we are waiting for a decision, hopefully this coming week. The main concern is that as people live from hand to mouth on a daily basis, how could they survive without any income or plan to help them.

Malawi has recorded 33 cases of the virus and 3 deaths, but has only done just over 500 tests. There is a bit of confusion about these figures with conflicting accounts. The main referral hospitals, have been cleared of patients and there are concerns about equipment and PPE. There is little transparency from the government on what resources they have and what plans need to be put in place.

Some travel restrictions in to the country are in place, but people are still moving fairly freely across the borders.

If you have access to a computer or google home devices then you can listen to Zodiac Radio, which gives some information in English about the current situation.

Other News: As has now closed, FOMO has set up an account with Virgin Money.

Other ways to donate can found on our web site under the donate button. Click Here

Malawi still has a longway until it gets back to normal and even normal is not that great. FOMO will be there to help where it can and we appriciate all the support you can give to maintain our care and development programme.


  • Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) Charity No 1090727
  • Visit our web site to learn more:
  • Email: 
  • Tel +44 (0)1772 619 409
  • Check out Facebook FOMO Malawi
  • Check out YouTube FOMO Malawi
  • Direct Aid: To donate Click Here
  • Helping has, does and will Make the Difference
    Winner of the Beacon Community Builder Award


Dear Friends,

First on behalf of the FOMO trustees may I send our love and blessings as we celebrate Easter in these extraordinary times. When visiting Malawi, I have been deeply touched by the faith and trust in God of the community, despite the very real difficulties and painful realities of daily life. The Easter message reveals we are not alone and never more than now do we experience such a strong sense of solidarity with the whole world. Everyone is affected, in some way, by the impact of the Covid 19 coronavirus and we are constantly reminded that we all have a responsibility to play our part in the containment of the virus and in looking after each other.

FOMO like all charities is experiencing new challenges in the light of the Covid 19 virus, not least a halt on many of our fundraising activities. We continue to be deeply grateful for the generosity and support offered over the past 20 years. We have indeed been able to make a difference to the lives of some of the poorest children in the world, giving hope for a better future.

With the unknown threat of the virus to the people of Malawi and a continued commitment to our core objectives of food and education, along with health and wellbeing, we are appealing for your help. We understand that for many of you these are difficult times financially, but for those of you who may be in a position to help we wonder if you might consider making a donation. Every little will help, for example £5 will feed a child for a month at one of our centres.

Details of ways to donate can be found on our website

As they say in Malawi Zikomo kwambiri! Thank you very much!

Please take care in these days and weeks ahead.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Coxhead (Chair of Trustees)

Friends of Mulanje Orphans





Notice AGM

Notice AGM – Friday 3rd April 2020

Sorry, this is event has been cancelled due to the current situation

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO)

England and Wales Charity Commission Registration Number 1090727

To avoid not having a committee for the coming year the existing trustees have agreed to serve on the board for another year. If anyone has any objections to this please let me know.

  • The accounts will be posted on the government web site in the next few weeks, I will let you know when they have been uploaded.
  •  I will also post a presentations on the web site as an update of our work in 2019
  • There is still one trustee place open, if wish to join us on the board please let me know.
  • I have yesterday update to the web site, “Home”, “How to Help”, “Container”, “News”, “Donate” pages.
  • has now closed and we are looking for alternatives for people wishing to hold an event.

Existing Trustees are:

  • Mr. G. Coxhead – Chair
  • Mr. D. Borrow – Treasurer
  • Mr. C. Coxhead
  • Mrs M. Woodworth
  • Mr. K. Woodworth – Secretary
  • Mrs A. Toft – Minutes Secretary
  • Ms E. Whitlock
  • Ms E. Henfield

Major challenges at the moment are:

  • Purchase of Food. The last two years of poor harvests due to heavy rains has meant that prices for the staple food has risen by 100% from January 2019.
  • Funds to cover FOMO Malawi staff, as due to Covid 19, Malawi has closed all the schools and restricted gatherings to 100 people, at present there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Malawi and we all pray it stays that way.
  •  The challenge of fund raising:  If you are able to help it would be appreciated, every pound counts to save a life by continuing with the food and health care programmes.

2019 Major Achievements

  • Identification of over 3,000 children
  • Maintained and ran 14 FOMO Centres
  • Installed 4 rain water 5000 litre tanks to supply school hostel for laundry
  • Maintained the children feeding programme, 1.1 million meals a year
  • Maintained Health Care to the children most in need
  • Operating a day Clinic and Outreach programme
  • Operating a HIV treatment centre.
  • Assisted patients at the district hospital
  • 179 Workers supported by 130 Local Volunteers
  • Ran a secondary school – 400 + students
  • Maintained our links with Intercare (Medicine)
  • Ran Activities Songs, Drama, Excursions, Dance, Stories, Sport, Reading Classes
  • Ran and Maintained a Maize mill facility
  • Ran the driving school
  • Funded and filled 1 container
  • Provided personal toiletries, shoes, clothes, sport ware and equipment to the children.
  • Distributed goods from the container to the centres and children
  • Funding 1 students at medical college
  • Funded all form 4’s at our IT school
  • Provided school uniforms, text books, shoes and educational materials
  • Support to all the FOMO registered Primary School Children
  • Maintenance and Repair of Buildings
  • Built new centre at FOMO Sazola
  • Built new boys hostel, (Ceiling, Water tanks and furniture required)
  • Ran and Maintained 14 Play Schools
  • Ran and Maintained the computer school
  • Ran and Maintained the tailoring school
  • Ran and Maintained small basic recording studio
  • Hosted visitors and oversea volunteers including Bay House School, Kitaid visitors
  • Supported FOMO FC in the Malawi southern region football league.
  • Supported community football and netball.
  • Ran and maintained produce gardens

2020 Major Challenges

Secure Funding for FOMO’s Essential Core Activities:

  • Covid 19 Malawi
  • International Funding
  • Food Programme
  • Clinic and Outreach Programme
  • Secondary School Places (Fees)
  • School Teaching Resources & Equipment
  • Funding to finish boys hostels
  • Activity programme (Sport, Art, Music etc)

Wish List: Funds needed

  • Fund and send a 40ft Container
  • Additional Girls Hostel Block
  • Additional Classroom Block
  • Create a sports field at school on existing land
  • Water Harvesting and Heating Project (5 Centres)
  • School Security Wall
  • Refurbish Tailoring School
  • Refurbish existing FOMO Centres
  • Build FOMO Centres at Naluwadi, Chinyama, Nessa

Without you none of this could happen. Thank you and God bless, Stay safe          Facebook & Youtube FOMO Malawi

For more information or if you wish to be nominated to stand as a trustee please contact Keith Woodworth FOMO UK Secretary

29 Liverpool Old Road, Walmer Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 5QA

Invitation to Mary’s OPEN HOUSE

Saturday 14th December

Making a Difference with Direct Aid

Invitation to Mary’s OPEN HOUSE

29 Liverpool Old Road, Walmer Bridge, PR4 5QA

10am to 4pm – Bring & Buy, Tea/Coffee, Cake, Soup, Raffle

Fundraising appeal to provide a Christmas meal to the orphaned children in Malawi


100% of your donation will directly help the children


A Gift for Christmas

Typically the cost of things the children need:             

  • Malaria Treatment                        £5
  • Mosquito Net                                £5
  • Blanket                                         £10
  • School Shoes                               £20 
  • Exam Desk & Chair                      £50
  • Twin school Desk                         £50 
  • Bicycle                                         £80
  • Bunk Bed with Mattresses           £120
  • School Fees Boarding per year    £450

100% of your donation will directly help the childrenDonate

Hotels Update

FOMO has been struggling a little over the last year to complete the new boy’s hostel at FOMO secondary school. The building work started in late January and it was hoped to open it around Easter, but as those that have been following our progress will know that this didn’t happen. The reasons for this are varied, but the main reasons are financial and the weather related. We did anticipate some rain, but never expected the unusual constant down pours which carried on and off until almost the end of June. This down pour coupled with a once in a life time, (So they say) cyclone had a devastating effect on the crops and integrity of local houses, many of which collapsed under the onslaught. FOMO wasn’t insensitive to the plight of the local community and diverted some of our focus to emergency help. The hostel project took a back seat at this time and progress was slow, but a new target was set and it was hoped to open the hostels at the beginning of school term in September. Though the hostels was unfinished, no electricity, beds, ceiling, toilet and shower doors, running water, furniture, landscaping and some building work still on going the schools national good results meant that the demand for places was very high. It was decided that if the students and guardians agreed with the conditions in the hostels we would open it. The race was on now to get the basics finished, painting, mattresses, some beds and a generator to provide electricity. This wasn’t ideal and not what we had hoped for, but self boarding was the only other option and the conditions and security would be better even in the unfinished hostels.

As of today, most of the building work has been finished, we now have mains electricity, (Bit of a struggle to get connected) and we have almost150 boys staying at the hostels.

Now we have electric installed, we can connect two water tanks so that we can supply water to the toilets, showers and clothes washing station, no more buckets needed, hooray. 

Little by little we are getting there, many people have helped financing the hostels and we are forever grateful, but we still have some way to go and funding is at a standstill.



Sazola New FOMO Centre Building

Sazola New FOMO Centre Building

The community for years had been building a bamboo shelter to act as a FOMO centre, with playschool, activities and food distribution etc. but in recent years the shelters kept getting washed away due to the heavy rains and earlier this year the we were hit by a cyclone. It was exciting news for the community that we were able to secure the fund from the 1% fund to build a permanent building.

Work was meant to start on June the 1st, but due to heavy rains we couldn’t start until the 20th June. The main building was completed with in a month, we added a new toilet and there was a lot of soil to move to landscape the outside, this additional work took another two weeks. There is no electrics or mains water in the area, but we did put a bore hole to serve the community a number of years ago. Unfortunately there was not enough in the budget to allow us to but solar lighting in, (£700) but the building clean dry and functional. We added furniture, which came in one of our containers  and supplied the centre with two hand sewing machines. Still much to do, but now we have a centre we can use all year round.

A big thank you to the 1% fund, the builders, children and community for all their help during the build and John

We are hoping to build another at Mangani village, please support Stewart and Johns Cycle Change to make it happen.


Kilimanjaro to Sapitwa Challenge

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Sapitwa, Mount Mulanje, Malawi Challenge

Donations  Click here or via Fomo’s website

The challenge is to raise £15,000 to build a Fomo Centre Building at FOMO Mangani by first Climbing Kilimanjaro, (Tick Done in 4 days a record time for a Malawian) then John and Stewart will cycle back to Mulanje,(Tick Tanzaina done) Malawi, ( 2000 km) and then climb Sapitwa on mount Mulanje, (The 3rd highest mountain in Africa. After that its a short cycle to FOMO Mangani where they hope to build a Fomo Centre Building.

Thursday 5th September they are resting today and having medical checks before setting off on long road back to Malawi, we wish them luck and hope everyone stays safe and well.

Please support this epic journey to help the orphaned and vulnerable children of Malawi

FOMO School Hostel – Work slows….

To all,

As some of you are aware we are building a school hostel to alleviate the poor living conditions of the self boards at the school. The project is well on its way, roof on, floors in and we have a little money to install the electrics and start the painting, but we will then have to stop as we are still £35K short to finish the project by start of school in September.

The sum broadly breaks down to £5,000 for beds and mattresses, £10,000 to put in water tanks and plumbing, £5,000 for glazing and doors, £10,000 for a ceiling and £5,000 for internal furniture. There will also be a small amount need to tidy up the site and put a path back to the school.

Now this sounds a lot and it is, but if we can raise it? it will have a massive positive affect on the children’s living conditions, clean, water, electricity, security and more time for study and it will be serving the community for many generations to come.

Helping does make the difference

If you can help, or planning an event please think of us. All money raised will be ring fenced and used on the hostel project. We have many fund raising events to keep the 3000+ children fed, clothed and educated, but we need your help again to complete this project. If you can help please donate through our web site. CLICK HERE

Footnote: The reason for the increased costs are many fold, but the exchange rate has been kind. Material across costs the board have risen, a good example are bricks which have doubled and we have used a lot of bricks.

FOMO Container Loading – Need Your Help

FOMO is going to Load the long awaited 40ft hi cube container to be sent to Malawi on the Saturday 25th May.

The container loading will take place in Preston, Lancashire

We need lots of helpers to load the container – If you can help we would very much appreciate it.

You need to be 18 or over and physically fit

Please email me if you can help

Open House – Fashion & Fragrance

Saturday 18th May 3 – 8pm

  • Come and Join Us
  • FOMO – Raising Money to Send a 40ft Container to Malawi
    • All donations appreciated
    • Venue: 29 Liverpool Old Road, Walmer Bridge, PR4 5QA
    • Designer Boutique Clothes
    • Wholesale Clearance (from just £8)
    • Mini Fashion Show
    • Essens Pure Perfumes & Make Up
    • Bring & Buy / Grand Raffle / Refreshments

Open House – Fashion & Fragrance


Ready to go – Almost

Mydonate –  Is closing at the end of June 2019, very sad to see it go, but we have found a replacement and better as all your donation comes to FOMO to help children, no donation or monthly fees.

  • Wonderful.orgCreate an Event page or Donate  Click Here

Fund Raising Appeal – The school hostel is making good progress, we now have the roofs on, floors finished and internal and external plastering done. Next step is to put a ceiling in the buildings and then paint all the insides, that’s a lot of paint.

Moving on after that we need to dig the septic tanks, install toilets, showers, pipe work and rain water harvesting tanks. As a side we also need to build some high level water tanks and fit the borehole with an electric pump to supple water via the tanks to the hostels. After all this, its a breeze, only need to buy 60 bunk beds and common room furniture. Once all the internals, including doors have been done we need to create some paths back to the school and clear the area (landscaping). One last thing is to build a clothes wasting station, with lots and lots of washing lines.

We hope to open the hostels before the start of term in September, this sounds like a good plan, but we still need some additional funding to finish the project. If you can help, even if we have to buy a can of paint at a time, all your contributions will create a safe place for the children which will last for generations.  Donate

Some of the conditions the boys have to endure, and the reason we are building the hostel.

3 or 5 children in one small room, no bed, electricity, water or security. We have over 70 children who have to self board as they live to far from school and this is the only way they have access to education. We have also 6 girls self boarding and finishing the hostel will free up space so they can be brought in to a clean safe environment.


NEW FOMO Lottery

FOMO Lottery in partnership with other charities through Heartbeat gives you the chance to win £1,000 as well as cash prizes and help the children in Malawi.

Join today and help orphaned children in Malawi

CLICK HERE to down load the form

The form should be printed, filled in and sent to:

  • The Fomo Lottery,
  • Heartbeat, Sir Tom Finney Way,
  • Preston, PR1 6PA
    Note for every £1 FOMO will receive 70p for its charitable activities in Malawi


Pictures from 2018 – AGM 2019

20 minute video showing a glimpse of FOMO care programme Mulanje, Malawi

Enjoy – We appreciate your continued support and we have much, much more to do, if you can, please help and secure a future for these children.


AGM/Container/Events & things

FOMO’s container to Malawi, we are looking for PC computers, laptops, Computer flat screens, telephones and if possible some help with the costs of sending the container. Contact Click Here or email – Thank You


  • Friends of Mulanje Orphans
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • 1st March 2019
  • Start: 7:30pm
  • Venue: Hutton Village Hall, Moor Lane, Hutton, Preston, PR4 5SE
  • A chance to meet, ask questions, all welcome


  • In aid of FOMO to buy food for the children at Christmas.
  • We appreciate your support
  • 8th December – 10am to 4pm
  • 29 Liverpool Old Road, Walmer Bridge
  • Bring & Buy / Raffle / Coffee / Tea / Soup / Cakes
  • All Welcome


If you use to do your shopping, (who doesn’t) then please login with

Select Friends Of Mulanje Orphans as your chosen charity

(charity No 1090727) and we can all benefit

Remember, always start at
and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of eligible purchases to the charitable organisations selected by customers.

Thank you for supporting Friends Of Mulanje Orphans.


Something for everyone – Please support these Challenges:

From school hostels, community sports, medical supplies to food and wheel chairs, soap and all manner of things we have a small but dedicated band of fund raisers going above and beyond to help the children in rural Malawi. They and we would appreciate your support.

Run Namibia to MozambiqueBuilding a School Hostel –Brendan Rendall – The run has been completed, but the fund raising still goes on, we are half way there and intended to start phase one Block one in December 2018 Still need help  with phase two block two  Click Here

Malawian Charity Challenge – To support FOMO – Stewart Kambewa and John Moyenda from Malawi have set a Climbing and Cycling from the top of Kilimanjaro to the top of Mulanje Mountain. If you wish to support them please CLICK HERE

For all those that enjoy sport or just like help young talent, please support our Sports Development Project, below. Now the rains have gone there is a window of opportunity to get this project underway but it needs your support

Sports, Sports – Keith Woodworth, (Me) – Their support deserves our support. The challenge is to raise funds for a sports field, including a small stand that will be used by the local boys and girls ……. Click Here

Start fund raising today, to give direct aid and support to the orphaned and vulnerable children.

Now on Facebook and YouTube FOMO Malawi

All donations, (Apart from bank fees) will go to helping the children in Malawi.





Malawian Charity Challenge


Stewart Kambewa                                            John Moyenda

September 2019 Stewart Kambewa and John Moyenda have set a charity challenge to  hike and cycling in aid of FOMO MALAWI.

We are raising funds and resources for building at FOMO Mangani orphan centre in Mulanje. The amount needed is MK15,000,000.00 (£16,000)

The challenge we  have set ourselves is to first climb Kilimanjaro, (5,895m highest point in Africa) then cycle from Kenya back to Mulanje in Malawi a distance of 2,301km. While in Mulanje we will then climb Mulanje mountain up to the Sapitwa Peak, the highest point in Malawi, which is at 3,002m.

Stewart Kambewa has done a number of charity challenges helping a wide social programmes:

  • Cycled the full length of Malawi in 8 days
  • Cycled the 10 kilometer Chawe uphill from Zomba, (Zomba plateau) Metro to Ku Chawe Inn Hotel without a saddle non-stop whilst standing for 45 minutes
  • Cycled the Chikwawa 20 kilometer uphill from Thabwa roadblock to Milare roadblock without a saddle non-stop whilst standing for 1 hour 11 minutes 06 seconds.
  • Cycled 302 kilometers from Blantyre to Lilongwe in one day clocking 13 hours 45 minutes.

John Moyendais a keen cyclist and has organised and managed events both in and outside Malawi. 

Malawi as you may know is one of the poorest counties in the world with over 85% of the population working as subsistence farmers, with earnings well below the poverty level. It is very refreshing to meet Stewart and John who’s heart and understanding is with the poorest in the rural communities. They deserve our support, Malawians helping Malawians. If you would like to make a donation and send a message of your support please make a donation through the donate button and add cycle in the comment box. Thank you in advance.

A Mydonate page is available for your denotations to the challenge CLICK HERE

If you are donating from Malawi in Malawi kwacha you can do it by cheque, bank transfer. Please email me for details

Something for Everyone

Saturday 7th April 2-4 pm – Afternoon tea, at St. Andrews Church Hall, Longton _____________________ All Welcome _______________________

From school hostels, community sports, medical supplies to food and wheel chairs, soap and all manner of things we have a small but dedicated band of fund raisers going above and beyond to help the children in rural Malawi. They and we would appreciate your support.

London MarathonDavid Coxhead – After stating I would never again put my body through the trauma of a Marathon, 3 years later I am doing it again……… Click Here

Run Namibia to MozambiqueBuilding a School Hostel –Brendan Rendall – In May 2018 I will be running the Malawi Marathon followed by running Coast to Coast of Africa Namibia to Mozambique – 4000KM ……………………….……….. Click Here

Namibia to Mozambique – Edyta Wierzbowska  I have decided to dedicate 2018 to support Friends of Mulanje Orphans charity and help build a Boys Hostel for orphaned children in Malawi ………………….. Click Here

Medical SuppliesKatharine Balfour This summer I have the privilege to volunteer for the charity, Friends of Mulanje Orphans …… Click Here

Sports, Sports – Keith Woodworth, (Me) – My challenge is to raise funds for a sports field, including a small stand that will be used by the local boys and girls .. Click Here

Start fund raising today, to give direct aid and support to the orphaned and vulnerable children.

Please pass this email on to your contacts

Now on YouTube FOMO Malawi

All donations, (Apart from transaction fees) will go to helping the children in Malawi.

Funds to purchase a 4×4 vehicle

In 2003 Mary purchased a 5 year old Toyota Hi Lux twin cab pick-up and drove it from Durban, south Africa, to Malawi, with a few interesting moments along the way. This vehicle served us well and even had some high profile drivers, remember Ryan’s and John’s visit, but after many rebuilds including several broken leave springs has now come to the end of its life. Malawi roads are hard on vehicles, even ones made for the task and FOMO has taken it above and beyond to maintain its services to the rural communities.

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) is a registered charity founded in the year 2000 providing community based services including health care formal and informal education, food security and out of school activities to over 3,500 orphaned and vulnerable children.

FOMO operates in rural Malawi and provides its services through a network of 14 centres, (8 purpose build), a secondary school and an outreach clinic.

Due to the nature of the roads some of which are impassable in the wet season by standard vehicles FOMO need to purchase a basic robust 4×4 twin cab pick-up vehicle to service the 14 centres and play schools. This essential resource will allow the FOMO team to continue to transport food, medical services, emergency assistance and help to distribute clothes, blankets, mosquito nets, personal items and development resources to the centres in all weathers.

There are few tarred roads and due to the poor condition of the dirt roads in rural Malawi vehicles take an extreme pounding and with the governments push for better road safety it is essential that FOMO acquires a reliable robust vehicle to continue our lifeline to the community.

If you can help please contact us, we are here to help

Help FOMO Purchase an 4×4 Donate Click Here

Keith Woodworth for FOMO

London Marathon 21st April 2018

This year our youngest son David will run in the London Marathon on 21st April 2018.

He is running to raise much needed funds for Friends of Mulanje Orphans, a small NGO working in the Mulanje district of Malawi, which is one of the poorest countries in the world.

As a family FOMO is very close to our hearts and we have seen for ourselves how helping does make a difference. David visited FOMO when he was just 9 years old and it made a lasting impression.

FOMO provides food, healthcare, education and recreational activities for the most vulnerable children literally offering life and hope. Currently we are supporting over 3,000 children across 14 feeding centres, a secondary school and clinic.

Thank you for your continued support, we could not do this work without the generosity and kindness of our friends.

with love and gratitude Gillian (FOMO Chair of Trustees)

Zikomo kwambiri! Thank you very much!

Link below:

On the 22nd April 2018 I will be running the London Marathon in order to raise vital funds for FOMO, please donate what you can to this great cause.

South Ribble Concert Band

Friday 2nd February

  • Venue: Hutton Village Hall, Moor Lane, Preston PR4 5SE
  • Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Tickets: Cath Greenlees 16 franklands, Longton (Tel: 01772 613500) 

Refreshments / All welcome

FOMO Athletics December 2017

After a couple of non starts due to the heavy rains, the FOMO athletics got under way this week. This event was run by the FOMO sports team during the school holidays at the Chitikale football ground and was open to all FOMO children from around Mulanje district. The events included 100 m, 400m ish etc events and small prizes were given to the winners.

There is great enthusiasm for all kinds of sport, but they do need some help if they are going to develop. FOMO is hoping to create a sports ground and teaching facility  at FOMO’s school when funds permit. If you can help please don’t hold back in 2018.

More pictures and video on facebook: FOMO Sports

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Food, Food, Food

Its not turkey, but every Malawian knows it tastes just as good – Mmmm

This week just in time for Christmas we took delivery maize flour and rice. The team as we speak are organising something special for Christmas lunch at  the centres. No turkey or stuffing, but there will be lots of vegetables and meat which is a special treat.

Thank you to everyone that helps keep the food programme going, and those that came to our open house earlier this month to raise funds to chive the children something extra this year.


Additional drugs have arrived at FOMO’s HIV clinic, supplied free by the government. The problem has not gone away and care needs to be given over many years, but many small clinics like ours are helping to assist people in the rural areas. A big thank you to all that help to fund the General and HIV clinic, without you things wouldn’t seam so bright.

FOMO Rebuild

Work still goes on rebuilding several wall following days of torrential rain about a month ago. Main people were affected and in previous post we so the devastation to the community build building at Mangani villiage. We have repaired the wall at the clinic and now rebuilding other walls with a view to helping the community to rebuild the community centre at Mangani in the new year. They do need some financial help and  if any on can assist that would be a great help.


FISS Prize Presentation Ceremony

There was a prize presentation ceremony to those students who performed well in the last academic years third term. During the ceremony, the Phylis trophy was also presented to Linda Muhowa (Form four) for her outstanding characteristics at stipulated in the terms and conditions guiding the trophy awardees.

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SCOM Peer Educators Training

There was a two day peer educators meeting held at FISS from 25th to 26th November, 2017. The training was organized by Student Christian Organisation of Malawi (SCOM) as part of their project activity. Students from five schools attended the training and each school was represented by seven students. The represented schools were, Mulanje, Saint Andrews, Mulanje Mission, Mount View and FISS.

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FOMO School Educational Visits

The form three history class students from FISS had an educational visit to Lomwe headquarters situated at Chonde right here in Mulanje. The aim of the visit was to appreciate the Lomwe culture as it is now part of the new curriculum.

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In the month, the wildlife club members also had an educational visit to Mulanje Mountain Likhubula in particular to appreciate nature. See attached pictures.

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FOMO’s AGM 9th Friday Feb. 2018

To All

FOMO’s AGM: Will be held on the Friday 9th February 2018.

  • Venue: Hutton Village Hall, Moor Lane, Preston PR4 5SE
  • Start Time 7:30pm

The purpose of the AGM is to elect a new committee to serve as trustees of the charity and to give an overview of FOMO’s accounts and activities during 2017.

A chance to chat and meet. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome.

People wishing to serve on the committee, should apply to the secretary, (me) prior to the meeting

Based on GDP, Malawi is now the poorest country in the world but this is only part of the story. Over 80% of Malawians are subsistence farmers, with virtually no cash circulating in the rural areas. Over 90% of the population do not have electricity or running water. To the few that have electricity, since the floods last year it is being rationed. Life is not getting any easier and FOMO still has a major role in making a difference to the most vulnerable.

FOMO is facing financial challenges in 2018 which is exacerbated due to the high inflation, (Food 28.3%) in Malawi the unexpected floods and container costs, FOMO if it is to survive, will need a large injection of cash as we are running at less than one year’s running costs. Everyone has made a very great effort during 2017, with many personal fund raising events, but we will need to keep up the hard work if FOMO is going to make it into 2018.

If you require clarification or further information we are always here to help.


Keith Woodworth

FOMO Sport

The most popular sports in Malawi are football and netball FOMO has many teams in both these sports supplying kit and promoting training to both FOMO and local teams.  Games are played every week and FOMO supports teams in the local leagues and runs its our tournaments a couple of time a year.

Kit. balls, boots, travel costs all need funding, if you can help please contact us or donate through the donation button.

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Mangani Building Disaster

The villagers at Mangani are building a centre with the help of FOMO. The village committee supplied the labour, bricks, sand and started construction, FOMO to supply roof, window and other high cost items. Disaster came after several days of very heavy rain, which not only brought down the building, but also a number of wall and houses.

This is a major setback, but the clear up has started to save the bricks and hopefully work can resume when the rains have finished. This building does need some funding as to rebuild they will have to buy more bricks and cement. At the moment the cost of the rebuild is very high and is out of reach of the villagers.

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Water Harvesting

FOMO over the years have put in a number of water tanks to collect water from the FOMO centre and school hostels roofs. The water collected though not suitable for drinking without treatment helps to supplement water used for washing, laundry, toilets and small vegetable plots.

We are pleased to announce that we have to date installed ten 5000/6000 liter tanks funded by private donations, Rotary Club of the UK and the German Embassy of Malawi Fund.

The main problems are supply materials, supply of hand made bricks, sand out of the river, high rise in the cost of cement, limited supply of imported guttering, pipes, clips etc. It all a bit of a challenge, but manageable.

If you wish to fund a tank it cost £500 per installation and will help to reduce the fluctuations in water supply. It’s good practice makes sense to install tanks and reduce the need and cost of boreholes or treated mains water for those lucky few who are connected.

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Mary’s Open House

Making a Difference with Direct Aid

Open House 

Charity Appeal to provide a Christmas meal 

SATURDAY 9th December 2017

29 Liverpool Old Road, Walmer Bridge

10am to 4pm

Bring and Buy Stall / Tea/ Coffee / Cake / Soup / Raffle


All things are possible

Loch Ness Marathon

Getting out for GOOD – Sarah and her son Ewan Smallwood are running the Loch Ness Marathon on the 24th September 2017. Sarah’s other son Elliot is running the 10K on the same day. Sarah and her sons are running to help Friends of Mulanje Orphans work with orphans in Malawi. By giving them your support you will be helping build a better future for the children…

 Click here to give your support

Loch Ness Marathon Route
The route is arguably the most appealing of any marathon. The 26 mile experience takes in the beautiful Highland scenery, along the shores of Loch Ness before crossing the River Ness reaching the finish line in Bught Park in Inverness.

The Marathon starts between Fort Augustus and Foyers. It then follows the route (B852) down to the edge of the loch at Foyers. Runners will then follow Loch Ness’s south-eastern shore, making their way north-eastwards towards Dores at the northern edge of the loch. After Dores, runners head into the centre of Inverness, traversing left over the main bridge in the centre of town. They then turn left again following the River Ness for the last half mile to the finish line at Bught Park in Inverness.



FOMO supports vulnerable children in Malawi needs your help in opening a shop in the South Ribble area.

Emma Whitlock, who is spearheading the campaign, said: “The funds that are required to continue our work are raised by volunteers and supporters of FOMO.

Crowd Funding page read more Click Here with video

To support this huge fund-raising challenge and to create a hub for the our activities, we have decided to set up our very first charity shop.

Opening a charity shop promises so many exciting opportunities for FOMO but it doesn’t happen overnight. With your help it can become a reality Click Here

Read more on Lancashire Evening Post Click Here with video.

Life Saving Monitor

Help Purchase a Life Saving Monitor?

News about HIV/Aids in Malawi has trickled away, but new cases are still occurring and the essential long term care is still on going.

HIV patients need regular blood tests to monitor and assess their treatment and progress.

FOMO clinic has a dedicated unit to test and provide vital on going treatment to HIV patients, but it needs a Haematology Analyser. (Nearest one is over 40 miles away)

Help FOMO Purchase an analyser Donate Click Here

The cost of the Analyser is £8,000 / every donation will count and is ring fenced

Haematology analyser is the essential tool to check the patients Full Blood Count. Number of red / white cells and platelets in the blood.

Educate – Test – Monitor – Treat – Prevent

This essential tool will help to save lives throughout Rural Mulanje



Haematology Analyser 17 tests: WBC; RBC; HGB; HCT; MCV; MCH; MCHC; PLT; NEUT #%; LYM #%; MXD #%; RDW-SD; RDW-CV; and MPV

FOMO moving to Mydonate

FOMO is moving away from Justgiving due to the high monthly fees. Fees have risen from £15 to £18 and the monthly fee is now over £48 + the 5% fee on donations.

FOMO has moved to Mydonate run by BT and offers the same facilities as for donations and event pages, but there is no monthly charge.

Have fun with your events and make a difference.


Science Block

Late last year we, after only a few months of construction, were delighted to finish the new science block. The block consists of three science rooms each dedicated to its own discipline, (Physical Science, Biology and Agricultural science). Each classroom has its own secure store and can hold up to 50 students. In addition we also added an activity room for the students. This room is used for the many school clubs and is also a big hit with the teachers as it is both light and airy.

Late December we finally were able to purchase lab desks and stools, (Thanks to S & K Engineering, Blantyre for completing the order in record time) and as I pen this note the classrooms are in full use on a daily basis, freeing up our original lab to be used as a normal classroom. We still have many funding challenges in front of us and they include:

  • Additional Lab Equipment: Test tubes, stands, Tripods, dishes, microscopes etc.
  • Lab sinks
  • Text books: Malawi is moving to a new syllabus and exam structure and therefore we need to buy the new curriculum books for the children, teachers and school library.
  • Additional tables and chairs for the activity room, the one we have are designed for primary school children and we need to purchase new tables and chairs to suit our age group.

The school is now almost at full capacity we have only 2 places left out of a maximum intake of 400. The Girls hostel is full with 92 students, but we need funding to build a boys hostel as we have 60 boys who are self boarding, (renting) as it is too far for them to travel home on a daily basis.

If you can possibly help by fund raising or making a donation, we will ensure that money raised will be used in the best way to gain maximum value. Direct Aid at its best

To donate please follow the donate button.

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If you have any questions or need clarification we are here to help.

FOMO 2016 >>>2017


UK Charity No 1090727 Malawi Charity No CONGOMA C159/2003 & NGO/R/05/08


100% of your donation will provide direct help to sustain and improve the children’s lives. Making that difference.
  • Facebook  FOMO Malawi

FOMO has been there since 2000 looking after orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi will you be there for them in the future?

Are you able to leave a gift in your will to help the children out of poverty?

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) is a community based orphan care programme supporting over 3,500 children through a network of 14 centres in Mulanje district of Malawi.

img_6526-2FOMO covers all aspects of the children’s welfare including health through our outreach clinic, formal and informal education, food security and production. The programme also covers pre-school, out of school activities and further learning through our play schools, computer, driving and tailoring schools. The programme also covers the provision of school materials, personal items (Soap, clothes, blankets, and mosquito nets) and community much more.

The programme is run by a very small staff with over 300 local volunteers and support workers; our funds are raised by a small, but resourceful volunteer committee in the UK. FOMO provides direct aid and reaches out to many thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children, but we do need a regular source of funding and your personal donations are both valued and appreciated.

FOMOLOGOFOMO established June 2000 is a registered charity in both the UK & Malawi

This is a list of some of the FOMO’s achievements in 2016, and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has contributed to helping the children and trust that you will help us once again in 2017.

2016 Major Achievements

  • Identification of over 3,500 children
  • Maintained and ran 14 FOMO Centres
  • Built New Centre Buildings at FOMO Chole
  • Funded and build three science classrooms and one Art room
  • Supported all fund raising activities including #runmalawi
  • Maintained the children feeding programme, 1.1 million meals a year
  • Maintained Health Care to the children most in need
  • Operating a day Clinic and Outreach programme
  • Operating a HIV treatment centre.
  • Assisted patients at the district hospital
  • 179 Workers supported by 130 Local Volunteers
  • Opened and ran a secondary school – 365 students
  • Maintained our links with Intercare (Medicine)
  • Maintained our links with Corps Africa
  • Ran Activities Songs, Drama, Excursions, Dance, Stories, Sport, Reading Classes
  • Ran and Maintained a Maize mill facility
  • Ran the driving school
  • Funded and filled 1 container
  • Provided personal toiletries, shoes, clothes, sport ware and equipment to the children.
  • Distributed goods from the container to the centres and children
  • Funding 1 students at medical college
  • Funded all form 4’s at IT and paid exam fees
  • Provided school uniforms, text books, shoes and educational materials
  • Installed one, and repaired one Borehole
  • Support to all the FOMO registered Primary School Children
  • Maintenance and Repair of Buildings
  • Ran and Maintained 14 Play Schools
  • Ran and Maintained the computer school
  • Ran and Maintained the tailoring school
  • Ran and Maintained small basic recording studio
  • Hosted visitors and oversea volunteers including Bay House School teachers, Italian visitors, Lancaster Grammar school Visitors, Corps Africa volunteers
  • Supported FOMO FC in the Malawi southern region football league.
  • Supported community football and netball.
  • Ran and maintained produce gardens

2017 Major Challenges

Secure Funding for FOMO’s Essential Core Activities:

  • Food Programme
  • Clinic and Outreach Programme
  • Secondary School Places (Fees)
  • School Teaching Resources & Equipment
  • Activity programme (Sport, Art, Music etc)

Wish List: Funds needed

  • Send a Container,
  • Build Boys Hostel (Girls Hostel already completed)
  • Water Harvesting and Heating Project (5 Centres)
  • School Security Wall
  • Refurbish Tailoring School
  • Refurbish existing FOMO Centres
  • Build FOMO Centres at Sazola, Naluwadi, Chinyama, Nessa

Without you none of this could happen. Thank you

Winner of the Beacon Community Builder Award

Direct Aid making the differenceAnthonys Pic

New PayPal Button

P1000998aDonating will make a difference

Share to be fair with Direct Aid. Education, Health, Food Security, Sport, Employment and much more

FOMO registered Charity in the UK and Malawi

FOMO Update

img_6526-2As the bustle of Christmas fades and the light of the world is passed on, it’s time for pulling up the new socks, (Can’t have enough socks in your life) and thinking about the year to come and years past

2016 full of highs and lows – the needless passing away of friends due to lack of medical resources, Brendan’s epic run through Malawi, opening of the school science block, meeting new people from around the world. The commitments of everyone to help the children have better lives. The cheerful way that young Malawians face adversity, as the country struggles with mayor power cuts, water shortages and lack of infrastructure, (Roads, health care, education and just about everything) placing Malawi as one of the poorest in the world

FOMO has been there, helping through the floods, failed harvest, providing formal and informal education, health care, food security and activities to the children and local community. Its has been a bit of a financial struggle this year, poor exchange rate, (Brexit), Malawi’s inflation running at nearly 30% for basic food, (Around 22% for everything else) but we have refined our operations and made it though with the  hard work and generosity of everyone, we say a big thank you.

Looking forward, the FOMO secondary school, in it’s forth year is making a big impact on the surrounding community with 400 children coming from all over Mulanje district and beyond. Our four major problems to address at the school are funding for a generator, (Due to the constant power cuts) Science block furniture and equipment, building of a boys hostel, (We have sixty students self boarding which is not good for their security or welfare) and due to curriculum changes additional text books. We in 2016 refurbished FOMO Kadawere, but the other 13 centres all need some attention, particularly Chimyana which was swept away in the current storms and really needs a brick building. The clinic is stable, but as with all health units needs constant funding for drugs/supplies to support the children and community.

After school activities include football, netball, art club, drama, photography, choirs, updating, (online news run by the children) and much more, all need a little help from time to time. FOMO FC raises some funds from the games, but at 22p pp, (Children free) to watch a home game, does not cover its costs, but it’s a start.

As FOMO goes into 2017, the essential work continues, its not glamorous or headline grabbing, but stable and steadily, making that one to one direct difference to over 3,500 children and support staff.  

DSCF0773With your support the work of FOMO will continue as long as we are relevant, we have over the last 16 years helped tens of thousands of children, saved many lives, made a difference in a direct way. There is still much to do, so lets make 2017 the best ever.

God Bless

Keith Woodworth for FOMO

To donate Click Here or try our official PayPal , (click) facility

Use our official email: for PayPal