Ready to go – Almost

Mydonate –  Is closing at the end of June 2019, very sad to see it go, but we have found a replacement and better as all your donation comes to FOMO to help children, no donation or monthly fees.

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Fund Raising Appeal – The school hostel is making good progress, we now have the roofs on, floors finished and internal and external plastering done. Next step is to put a ceiling in the buildings and then paint all the insides, that’s a lot of paint.

Moving on after that we need to dig the septic tanks, install toilets, showers, pipe work and rain water harvesting tanks. As a side we also need to build some high level water tanks and fit the borehole with an electric pump to supple water via the tanks to the hostels. After all this, its a breeze, only need to buy 60 bunk beds and common room furniture. Once all the internals, including doors have been done we need to create some paths back to the school and clear the area (landscaping). One last thing is to build a clothes wasting station, with lots and lots of washing lines.

We hope to open the hostels before the start of term in September, this sounds like a good plan, but we still need some additional funding to finish the project. If you can help, even if we have to buy a can of paint at a time, all your contributions will create a safe place for the children which will last for generations.  Donate

Some of the conditions the boys have to endure, and the reason we are building the hostel.

3 or 5 children in one small room, no bed, electricity, water or security. We have over 70 children who have to self board as they live to far from school and this is the only way they have access to education. We have also 6 girls self boarding and finishing the hostel will free up space so they can be brought in to a clean safe environment.