FOMO Update

Fomo Malawi – Food deliveries and feeding programme at the 14 centres working well. Feels very unnatural, but hopefully it will help to keep the children safe. We will be in this for the long haul and all your support is valued. One bit of good news is that the form 4’s can go back to school on the 18th May to get ready for the National exams in June and July. This like all around the world will have an effect on a whole generation of children. We need to secure food and a sense of security for the children. Support Fomo helping in these difficult times  Click Here

Stay Safe Keith



  • 14 centres are open and continuing with feeding programme for 3,500 children.
  • Social distancing and hand washing being maintained at centres.
  • Tailoring making facemasks.
  • Driving and computer school closed at the moment.
  • Studio producing weekly update, (Fridays on facebook)
  • Continuing to purchase beans, maize  and are looking for rice to support the feeding programme.
  • Sports programmes including premiere league cancelled.
  • School to reopen for Form 4 only on 18th May so they can take the national exams.

FOMO still needs your support as fundraising almost on hold for the foreseeable future, but we are trying various things. To donate Click Here

Covid 19 May 6th 2020

  • National Schools to reopen for Form 4 and STD 8 only on 18th May
  • Lockdown suspended by courts, now under judicial review, (ie in too difficult tray)
  • Some official restrictions on size of gatherings. Totally ignored by government as election campaign starts up.
  • Airports closed and travel restrictions to neighbouring countries in place.
  • Tested = 1032
  • Testing centres = 5
  • Deaths = 3
  • Cases = 43
  • Recovered = 14

That’s a good idea a Balloon Race. Bit of fun and raising funds, must be good.

  • (No balloons are actually released, all done by computer)

Each balloon costs £3 and you can buy as many as you like. Click here to create an account with Eco Racing and buy balloons supporting FOMO.