Virtual Balloon Race

Each balloon costs £3 and you can buy as many as you like. Click here to create an account with Eco Racing and buy balloons supporting FOMO.

Covid 19 – FOMO is in for long haul to help continue the feeding programme for thousands of orphaned children in Malawi. You can help by joining our new online fundraiser. We are asking our supporters to take part in a virtual balloon race to help raise funds for our crucial work caring for the most vulnerable people at this difficult time.

You can personalise your balloons and modify them to give them the best chance of winning the 7-day race. The balloons will be ‘released’ on 2nd June, and using real-time weather data, they will travel a virtual race, with the winning balloons receiving prizes.

For the overall race winners there is a £500 cash prize and an Apple iPad up for grabs for the balloons that have travelled the furthest by the end of the race on 9th June. Additionally, for FOMO supporters there are Love 2 Shop vouchers for the winning balloons, £30 for first place, £20 for second and £10 for third.

Maximise your chances of winning by purchasing as many balloons as you like!

Taking part in the online balloon race is a great, eco-friendly way to have fun competition with your friends and family, as you can track the balloons on the Eco Racing website over the course of the 7-day race. So why not encourage your loved ones to take part as well, or buy some in their name.

Please share this exciting new fundraiser with your contacts and buy your balloons at the Eco Racing website.