Notice AGM

Notice AGM – Friday 3rd April 2020

Sorry, this is event has been cancelled due to the current situation

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO)

England and Wales Charity Commission Registration Number 1090727

To avoid not having a committee for the coming year the existing trustees have agreed to serve on the board for another year. If anyone has any objections to this please let me know.

  • The accounts will be posted on the government web site in the next few weeks, I will let you know when they have been uploaded.
  •  I will also post a presentations on the web site as an update of our work in 2019
  • There is still one trustee place open, if wish to join us on the board please let me know.
  • I have yesterday update to the web site, “Home”, “How to Help”, “Container”, “News”, “Donate” pages.
  • has now closed and we are looking for alternatives for people wishing to hold an event.

Existing Trustees are:

  • Mr. G. Coxhead – Chair
  • Mr. D. Borrow – Treasurer
  • Mr. C. Coxhead
  • Mrs M. Woodworth
  • Mr. K. Woodworth – Secretary
  • Mrs A. Toft – Minutes Secretary
  • Ms E. Whitlock
  • Ms E. Henfield

Major challenges at the moment are:

  • Purchase of Food. The last two years of poor harvests due to heavy rains has meant that prices for the staple food has risen by 100% from January 2019.
  • Funds to cover FOMO Malawi staff, as due to Covid 19, Malawi has closed all the schools and restricted gatherings to 100 people, at present there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Malawi and we all pray it stays that way.
  •  The challenge of fund raising:  If you are able to help it would be appreciated, every pound counts to save a life by continuing with the food and health care programmes.

2019 Major Achievements

  • Identification of over 3,000 children
  • Maintained and ran 14 FOMO Centres
  • Installed 4 rain water 5000 litre tanks to supply school hostel for laundry
  • Maintained the children feeding programme, 1.1 million meals a year
  • Maintained Health Care to the children most in need
  • Operating a day Clinic and Outreach programme
  • Operating a HIV treatment centre.
  • Assisted patients at the district hospital
  • 179 Workers supported by 130 Local Volunteers
  • Ran a secondary school – 400 + students
  • Maintained our links with Intercare (Medicine)
  • Ran Activities Songs, Drama, Excursions, Dance, Stories, Sport, Reading Classes
  • Ran and Maintained a Maize mill facility
  • Ran the driving school
  • Funded and filled 1 container
  • Provided personal toiletries, shoes, clothes, sport ware and equipment to the children.
  • Distributed goods from the container to the centres and children
  • Funding 1 students at medical college
  • Funded all form 4’s at our IT school
  • Provided school uniforms, text books, shoes and educational materials
  • Support to all the FOMO registered Primary School Children
  • Maintenance and Repair of Buildings
  • Built new centre at FOMO Sazola
  • Built new boys hostel, (Ceiling, Water tanks and furniture required)
  • Ran and Maintained 14 Play Schools
  • Ran and Maintained the computer school
  • Ran and Maintained the tailoring school
  • Ran and Maintained small basic recording studio
  • Hosted visitors and oversea volunteers including Bay House School, Kitaid visitors
  • Supported FOMO FC in the Malawi southern region football league.
  • Supported community football and netball.
  • Ran and maintained produce gardens

2020 Major Challenges

Secure Funding for FOMO’s Essential Core Activities:

  • Covid 19 Malawi
  • International Funding
  • Food Programme
  • Clinic and Outreach Programme
  • Secondary School Places (Fees)
  • School Teaching Resources & Equipment
  • Funding to finish boys hostels
  • Activity programme (Sport, Art, Music etc)

Wish List: Funds needed

  • Fund and send a 40ft Container
  • Additional Girls Hostel Block
  • Additional Classroom Block
  • Create a sports field at school on existing land
  • Water Harvesting and Heating Project (5 Centres)
  • School Security Wall
  • Refurbish Tailoring School
  • Refurbish existing FOMO Centres
  • Build FOMO Centres at Naluwadi, Chinyama, Nessa

Without you none of this could happen. Thank you and God bless, Stay safe          Facebook & Youtube FOMO Malawi

For more information or if you wish to be nominated to stand as a trustee please contact Keith Woodworth FOMO UK Secretary

29 Liverpool Old Road, Walmer Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 5QA