2000 to Now

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With just 20 children and a donation of £100 ($150) in the year 2000, FOMO has grown with your continued help to over 3,500 children, (Peeking at 6000 in 2009).

We, and that includes the many volunteers and donors, have achieved a great deal and made a difference to thousands of children, but we need to keep it going and expand to meet the needs of the children we have not yet touched.

Our work depends on your donations
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You can see in the children’s smiles the love and hope FOMO people have given, and that’s a little hard to quantify, but this is a list of some of the physical differences we have achieved:

We are providing through the local community:

  • Over 25,000 meals a week
  • Over 400 secondary school fees per year
  • Fees for 7 places at University
  • Fee for 2 at catering college
  • Fee for 1 student at Nursing college
  • Fee for 1 at Hair Dressing and Beauty college
  • Fee for all form 4’s at IT classes
  • Fees for computer schools
  • Health care for all the children
  • Children with mosquito nets, blankets, clothes, shoes, soap & personal items
  • Supporting all FOMO registered Primary School Children
  • Sports days and daily activities
    • Hope love and care

We are running (Educational non profit):

  • A secondary school for 400 children, forms 1 to 4
  • 14 under 5’s Play schools
  • A Health Clinic and outreach programme (General and HIV care and prevention)
  • A basic sound recording Studio
  • A Computer School
  • A Tailoring Teaching Centre
  • A small farm (2.5 hectares)
  • Chicken projects (Disbanded)
  • Vegetable gardens (Food for the Children)
  • A Driving School
  • A library

………………… We have also provided a number of coffins

We have over the years:

  • Given out over 10,000 blankets to the children
  • Given out over 11,000 mosquito nets to the children
  • Opened 14 centres covering over 90 villages
  • Built and opened a Secondary School, fee to FOMO children
  • Built 9 centre buildings (5 more needed at least) one scheduled for 2019
  • Built and operate a maize mill
  • Drilled 22 boreholes in the villages (more needed)
  • Install 11, 5000 litre watertanks to collect rainwater
  • Install 4 inverter based electricity system to provide lighting and power to the school and clinic.
  • Purchased a pickup & Motorbike (Replacements needed)
  • Purchased cars and trucks for the driving school (2nd hand)
  • Purchased an Ambulance for the Outreach Clinic
  • Purchased a truck for building, food and people delivery
  • Provided fees in further education for Journalism, Hotel Management, Beauty, Accountancy, Welding, Vehicle maintenance, Carpentry and more
  • Provided places at Technical, Business School
  • Provided places at University
  • Provided Football Coaching by Lancashire FA
  • Started and run numerous football and netball teams
  • Provided new roofs and houses to the very poor
  • Painted and refurbished all the centres several times
  • Provided specialist clinical equipment to the FOMO clinic for blood testing
  • Built toilets, chicken coops, stores, bee hives
  • Maintained Links with Intercare (Medicine)
  • Maintained Links with KitAid (Sport)
  • Provided Rocket Stoves at the centres
  • Won the president football Cup and have a teams in the local and premiere leagues
  • Sent 22, 40ft containers from the UK with:-
    • School items, clothes, shoes, toys,
    • Medical Equipment
    • Personal items (toothbrushes, soap etc),
    • Computers, electrical goods,
    • Footballs, netballs, tools
    • Bicycles, sewing machines
    • Rice, tables and chairs
    • Child Packs, Workshop benches
    • Water Tanks – Water harvesting

and a great deal more.