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The school opened in September 2012 and we would dearly like to thank everyone for getting us this far, but we still have alittle way to go.


FOMO’s School Project: Malawi Education system is in a chronic state and there is a major shortage of secondary school places. Selection to government secondary school is based on a points system and even if you pass Standard 8 then you may not get selected to go on to secondary school.

FOMO has worked hard to encourage the children through primary education and 200 children passed standard 8 in 2009, but only 44 were selected for government secondary schools.

In the past FOMO have found places for the children in local private secondary schools. In 2009 a large number of these private school were closed due to inadequate facilities. This basically means that children who pass, but are not selected have no chance to continue their education. The only alternative is to retake standard 8 in the hope they would fare better in what seems to be a bit of a school lottery to gain a secondary school place.

FOMO year on year anticipate that the numbers of children being denied a place in secondary school will increase from 2009 level. The Malawi government have no published plans to increase the available secondary places, therefore the children’s hard work and hopes will be unfulfilled.

FOMO can relieve the situation and give some children hope for the future by building a school. The funds needed are large, but aren’t insurmountable and by careful planning FOMO can complete the school.DSCF4502 school sign

The FOMO Independant Secondary School (FISS) was opened in September 2013 with phases one and two completed. The school at present has a capacity for 400 children with 88 girls boarding places. The school when fully completed will have a capacity for up 500 children with 88 girls and 88 boys boarding places.

Project Progress so far, (Sepetember 2016):

  • 4 classrooms + Admin + toilets (Completed 2012)
  • 4 classrooms + Library/Computer IT + Hall + Kitchen (Completed 2013)
    • The Kitchen (Funding for electric pot boilers cookers required)
    • Additional outside Kitchen (Priority Needs funding)
    • Additional 4 classrooms with stores (Needs Funding)
  • A 88 place Girls Hostel (Completed 2014)
  • Three Science Labs (Completed 2016), Biology, Physical and Agriculture Sciences
  • One Art Classroom (Completed 2016)
  • Furniture and Equipment for Science and Art Classrooms (Completed 2017)
  • Lab Sinks required, (Needs Funding)
  • School text books (Priority Needs Funding)
  • Boys Hostel  (Priority Needs funding)
  • Additional borehole required, (Priority needs Funding)
  • Sports Field and Facilities (Government requirement) (Land acquired )
  • Sports stand to promote training in sports for both male and female all ages, (Priority needs funding)
  • Teacher’s Houses (10 houses need funding) – Land already aquired
  • Boundary wall (Government requirement)  ( Started Needs more funding)
  • 8 rain water harvesting tanks installed at the school and  Girls Hostels 2018 (More required)
  • Open air theatre, to promote debates, drama and the arts, (Needs funding)
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  • Above Video School Tour 20 min long



Below – 88 Place Girls Hotels IMAG0621Block 1 – (Below) – 4 classrooms, Administration and toiletsSchool 01Block 2 – (Below) – 4 classrooms, Main Hall, Kitchen, Library and IT room

School 50

Block 3 (Below) – Three Science Labs and Art Block