Our Work

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FOMO’s core activities are health care, education, activities and food security, but the nature of the rural area FOMO operates in means we are involved in every aspect of the children’s and local community lives.

FOMO has also become a purveyor of goods, an employer, designer, builder, social worker, educationalist, tradesman, team builder, gardener, health care worker and provider of numerous other disciplines required to meet the needs of thousands of individual children and support staff/local volunteers.

The financial support people have given FOMO since 2000 has enabled FOMO to reach out to thousands of children. For this work to continue and grow FOMO does need your support.

This is a short summary of what we do:

FOMO Centres

FOMO has 14 centers located across Mulanje district. The centers range from grass huts, small rural churches to purpose built facilities. Of FOMO’s 14 centers, two have mains electric and one has mains water, (sometimes). The remaining centers rely on boreholes provided by FOMO.

Of the 6 purpose built centers all have the space for libraries and provision for medical units. All have kitchens, main hall and flush toilet facilities. Most have a center vegetable garden.

FOMO runs a secondary school, clinic and an office which for the FOMO admin staff. The office facility also houses a small recording studio and a tailoring unit.

Health Provision

FOMO provides health care education to all FOMO registered Childre, staff and volunteers.

Food SecurityGardening

FOMO provides one meal a day to all children attending one of FOMO’s 14 centres. This represents over 700,000 meals a year.

FOMO grows some crops, vegetables to supplement the purchase of food. Due to its high cost the provision of meat is limited to special occasions and Christmas.

Formal Education

  • Nursery: FOMO provides free places to the children at FOMO 14 play schools
  • Standard 1- 8: FOMO provides educational materials.
  • Form 1 to 4 FOMO provides:
    • School places
    • Exam Fees
    • ID Fees
    • Uniforms
    • Educational Materials
    • Boarding places (if applicable)
      • Personal items, Soap etc
      • Transport Money (If applicable)

2013 – FOMO opened a secondary school catering for over 400 children from form one to form four. The school as of 2022 now caters for over 500 children.

The school has 12 classrooms, a Gym, Under construction) toilets, admin block, hall, kitchen, labs, art room, computer room and library. With girls and boys boarding facilities

  • Further Education:

FOMO provides a limited number of places depending on sponsorship. Places have been provided for students to go to college, university, computer, driving, business, welding and journalism schools. Due to the high cost of further education we are always seeking sponsors for the children. If you can sponsor a child please contact us.

All FOMO registered children have free access to the tailoring center.

Informal Education

FOMO provides informal education on a wide range of activities including Gardening & Agriculture, Chickens, Sports, Cooking and Tailoring depending on the availability of necessary skills.

Out of School Activities

FOMO facilitates a host of activities for the children by providing resources and equipment. Some of the activities are list as follows:

  • Drama
  • Choirs
  • Art Clubs
  • Gardening
  • Football (Under fourteen and senior team in the premiere division
  • Netball
  • Dance
  • Acrobatics
  • Music (Bands)
  • Small sound recording facility

The FOMO football netball teams play in the district premiere league. All centres have football teams at all ages.

FOMO Extras:

FOMO campaigns for the children’s rights with regard to property, land and social welfare.

FOMO mediates on the children’s behalf on issues affecting the children’s welfare.

FOMO provides blankets, mosquito nets, clothing, school wear, shoes, and soap to the children. FOMO also provides specialist equipment for the few disabled children under our care.

FOMO provides help to grandmothers with FOMO registered children and children headed households with repairs, (Including new roofs) cooking, (Pots, pans, stoves) and additional food.

FOMO facilitates third party donations to community identified needs. Examples: Boreholes, medical equipment for the district hospital, tools, seed and food for the district prisoners, Government school block renovations, CBO activities HIV/Aids local patient care.

FOMO has also provided computers to the Police, small holder tea association and Mulanje conservation trust.

FOMO has also provided medical equipment to Mulanje District Hospital

Due to the large volume of food required FOMO also runs a small Maize Mill