Undated April 2022

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If you can help meet some or all of the cost please contact us. 

Funding to send the next container is urgently needed 

FOMO requirements have evolved to meet the growing needs of children. As costs rise we are looking for very specific items to fill the container. Some of the items may be acquired through general public appeals, but a growing number of specific requirements requiring financial support.

Some items are cheaper and it is more cost effective to purchase them in Malawi:

  • Soap all types
  • Blankets
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Food
  • School copy and subject text books
  • 240v Generators

If you can help fund the above items please Click Here to donate or contact us directly at

Note: Due to new Malawi government regulations we are no longer allowed to send second hand clothing and white goods.

The following list, though not comprehensive will give an indication of the items we need for the next container to sustain our commitment to the children.

The motto is “If its new we more than likely will need it.”, Please ask

The list is not in order of priority, we just need everything

  • Gym Equipment (Treadmills, Cycle, rowing, weights etc) (URGENT)
  • Secondary School – Science lab equipment.
  • Secondary school, 150 exam tables, 600 stackable chairs, 100 folding dinning tables (URGENT)
  • Computers both desk top and lap tops. (VERY URGENT)
  • PA Equipment
  • Sound studio equipment, microphones, leads,  mixers etc
  • Musical Instruments
  • Art supplies, (Brushes, paint)
  • Vegetable seed (All plant types)
  • Mobil phones, (Smart)
  • Child Packs, hand washing soap, tooth paste and brushes
  • Educational Material (Pens, math’s sets, pencils, calculators etc.)
  • Football boots (Soft and hard studs UK sizes 1 to 10) (URGENT)
  • Football size 4 and 5 (URGENT)
  • Clinical Medical Equipment:- Microscopes, Ultra sound scanner, Medical and surgical instruments etc
  • Medical Consumables – Latex Gloves, Medicine, Hand washing solution, Needles, Syringes, Sterile Dressing Packs, Elastoplast etc. Anything not suitable for the FOMO general/HIV clinic will be passed on to the district hospital.

All the above items can be purchased in the UK, if you can help please Click Here to donate

If you can manage to help by raising funds, writing letters or making a personal donation we will ensure that the aid goes to those most in need.