Kilimanjaro to Sapitwa Challenge

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Sapitwa, Mount Mulanje, Malawi Challenge

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The challenge is to raise £15,000 to build a Fomo Centre Building at FOMO Mangani by first Climbing Kilimanjaro, (Tick Done in 4 days a record time for a Malawian) then John and Stewart will cycle back to Mulanje,(Tick Tanzaina done) Malawi, ( 2000 km) and then climb Sapitwa on mount Mulanje, (The 3rd highest mountain in Africa. After that its a short cycle to FOMO Mangani where they hope to build a Fomo Centre Building.

Thursday 5th September they are resting today and having medical checks before setting off on long road back to Malawi, we wish them luck and hope everyone stays safe and well.

Please support this epic journey to help the orphaned and vulnerable children of Malawi