FOMO’s AGM 9th Friday Feb. 2018

To All

FOMO’s AGM: Will be held on the Friday 9th February 2018.

  • Venue: Hutton Village Hall, Moor Lane, Preston PR4 5SE
  • Start Time 7:30pm

The purpose of the AGM is to elect a new committee to serve as trustees of the charity and to give an overview of FOMO’s accounts and activities during 2017.

A chance to chat and meet. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome.

People wishing to serve on the committee, should apply to the secretary, (me) prior to the meeting

Based on GDP, Malawi is now the poorest country in the world but this is only part of the story. Over 80% of Malawians are subsistence farmers, with virtually no cash circulating in the rural areas. Over 90% of the population do not have electricity or running water. To the few that have electricity, since the floods last year it is being rationed. Life is not getting any easier and FOMO still has a major role in making a difference to the most vulnerable.

FOMO is facing financial challenges in 2018 which is exacerbated due to the high inflation, (Food 28.3%) in Malawi the unexpected floods and container costs, FOMO if it is to survive, will need a large injection of cash as we are running at less than one year’s running costs. Everyone has made a very great effort during 2017, with many personal fund raising events, but we will need to keep up the hard work if FOMO is going to make it into 2018.

If you require clarification or further information we are always here to help.


Keith Woodworth