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Hi, You have probably come to this page because you would like to help by offering your services in a direct and practical way. I can empathise with you, because I had the same thoughts some 25 years ago. My first thought was to go to Peru, but as fate willed it, I ended up first in Botswana, then Malawi and my only regret was that I could have done more.

FOMO is based on community care with a network of local volunteers providing direct individual care and support. FOMO has some very basic accommodate for visitors and short term volunteers. As we are only a small organisation, all our time, energy and fund-raising is directed to helping the children, but we have had many visitors to the centres some for a week others for months at a time. All have found the experience rewarding and of benefit to the children. FOMO does now have some basic accommodation and if you are willing to totally finance yourself (Airfares, Insurance, food etc.) and could help fund raising the children would be grateful for your assistance.

FOMO does not wish to discourage anyone from helping, as help is desperately needed. At the moment, raising money for food, blankets, medicine, school books etc. would be the best way to help, this will improve the life’s of the children and will show that someone does care.

If you have got this far you may be agreeing or not, but still have a burning desire to be there I can understand this and though FOMO does not have the support structure to fund long or short term volunteers, there are many organisations that do. There are just a few below.

On a personal note, if you could find it in you heart to do a little fund raising for FOMO we will ensure that the money will directly help the orphaned children of Mulanje, and don’t think your efforts and contributions are valued any less because you are not there in person.

Regards Keith and Mary Woodworth

Together Helping Does Make a Difference

Malawi – Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO)

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