Funds to purchase a 4×4 vehicle

In 2003 Mary purchased a 5 year old Toyota Hi Lux twin cab pick-up and drove it from Durban, south Africa, to Malawi, with a few interesting moments along the way. This vehicle served us well and even had some high profile drivers, remember Ryan’s and John’s visit, but after many rebuilds including several broken leave springs has now come to the end of its life. Malawi roads are hard on vehicles, even ones made for the task and FOMO has taken it above and beyond to maintain its services to the rural communities.

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) is a registered charity founded in the year 2000 providing community based services including health care formal and informal education, food security and out of school activities to over 3,500 orphaned and vulnerable children.

FOMO operates in rural Malawi and provides its services through a network of 14 centres, (8 purpose build), a secondary school and an outreach clinic.

Due to the nature of the roads some of which are impassable in the wet season by standard vehicles FOMO need to purchase a basic robust 4×4 twin cab pick-up vehicle to service the 14 centres and play schools. This essential resource will allow the FOMO team to continue to transport food, medical services, emergency assistance and help to distribute clothes, blankets, mosquito nets, personal items and development resources to the centres in all weathers.

There are few tarred roads and due to the poor condition of the dirt roads in rural Malawi vehicles take an extreme pounding and with the governments push for better road safety it is essential that FOMO acquires a reliable robust vehicle to continue our lifeline to the community.

If you can help please contact us, we are here to help

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Keith Woodworth for FOMO