Child Packs

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Over the last few years we have been running a campaign for Childpacks and we would like to thank everyone involved in the campaign. As you know FOMO looks after over 5000 and so we now have a new idea.

Once a year FOMO sends a container from the UK to Malawi with items for and to help the children. If your school organization or an individual would like to select items from the list and basically collect as many as possible we will ensure they reach the children. You may like to contact local firms or shops to help, remember everything counts and it will make a difference.

Please deliver to:FOMO, 29 Liverpool Old Road Walmer Bridge, Preston, PR4 5QA

  • Copy (exercise) books
  • Reams of A4 paper
  • Math Sets
  • Calculators
  • Pencils
  • School bags
  • Packs of crayons
  • Coloured pen sets
  • Toothbrushes (packaged)
  • Tubes tooth paste
  • Bars of soap (packaged)
  • Large tubs of Vaseline gel
  • Vegetable Seed (Cabbage, Tomato Any.)
  • Underwear (packaged)
  • Pairs of socks (packaged)
  • Shoes suitable for school (size 2 & above)
  • Adult and Junior Multivitamins
  • Adult and Junior Paracetamol, Asprin (Non prescription)  etc
  • Plasters
  • Packs of cough medicine (Capsules if possible)
  • Tubes of antiseptic cream
  • Soccer kit for them all including, shin pads, boots and balls
  • Netball kit.
  • We need kit for them all including trainers and ball

All items must be New, Many Thanks

Helping does make the difference