Malawian Charity Challenge


Stewart Kambewa                                            John Moyenda

September 2019 Stewart Kambewa and John Moyenda have set a charity challenge to  hike and cycling in aid of FOMO MALAWI.

We are raising funds and resources for building at FOMO Mangani orphan centre in Mulanje. The amount needed is MK15,000,000.00 (£16,000)

The challenge we  have set ourselves is to first climb Kilimanjaro, (5,895m highest point in Africa) then cycle from Kenya back to Mulanje in Malawi a distance of 2,301km. While in Mulanje we will then climb Mulanje mountain up to the Sapitwa Peak, the highest point in Malawi, which is at 3,002m.

Stewart Kambewa has done a number of charity challenges helping a wide social programmes:

  • Cycled the full length of Malawi in 8 days
  • Cycled the 10 kilometer Chawe uphill from Zomba, (Zomba plateau) Metro to Ku Chawe Inn Hotel without a saddle non-stop whilst standing for 45 minutes
  • Cycled the Chikwawa 20 kilometer uphill from Thabwa roadblock to Milare roadblock without a saddle non-stop whilst standing for 1 hour 11 minutes 06 seconds.
  • Cycled 302 kilometers from Blantyre to Lilongwe in one day clocking 13 hours 45 minutes.

John Moyendais a keen cyclist and has organised and managed events both in and outside Malawi. 

Malawi as you may know is one of the poorest counties in the world with over 85% of the population working as subsistence farmers, with earnings well below the poverty level. It is very refreshing to meet Stewart and John who’s heart and understanding is with the poorest in the rural communities. They deserve our support, Malawians helping Malawians. If you would like to make a donation and send a message of your support please make a donation through the donate button and add cycle in the comment box. Thank you in advance.

A Mydonate page is available for your denotations to the challenge CLICK HERE

If you are donating from Malawi in Malawi kwacha you can do it by cheque, bank transfer. Please email me for details