FOMO School Hostel – Work slows….

To all,

As some of you are aware we are building a school hostel to alleviate the poor living conditions of the self boards at the school. The project is well on its way, roof on, floors in and we have a little money to install the electrics and start the painting, but we will then have to stop as we are still £35K short to finish the project by start of school in September.

The sum broadly breaks down to £5,000 for beds and mattresses, £10,000 to put in water tanks and plumbing, £5,000 for glazing and doors, £10,000 for a ceiling and £5,000 for internal furniture. There will also be a small amount need to tidy up the site and put a path back to the school.

Now this sounds a lot and it is, but if we can raise it? it will have a massive positive affect on the children’s living conditions, clean, water, electricity, security and more time for study and it will be serving the community for many generations to come.

Helping does make the difference

If you can help, or planning an event please think of us. All money raised will be ring fenced and used on the hostel project. We have many fund raising events to keep the 3000+ children fed, clothed and educated, but we need your help again to complete this project. If you can help please donate through our web site. CLICK HERE

Footnote: The reason for the increased costs are many fold, but the exchange rate has been kind. Material across costs the board have risen, a good example are bricks which have doubled and we have used a lot of bricks.