Our Mission

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Summary: Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) is a charity organization that aims to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Mulanje, Malawi. FOMO provides essential services such as formal and informal education, healthcare, food security, activities and emergency relief. .Our website serves as a platform to raise awareness about FOMO’s activities and provides information on how people can support the organization by donating, or fundraising. Overall, FOMO is committed to serving and empowering the Mulanje community by helping children become self-sufficient. FOMO Provides direct aid to communties and children in Mulanje, Malawi.

AIM: The mission of FOMO is to provide and enhance the health, education, shelter, activities and meet the basic human needs of all orphaned and vulnerable children of Mulanje.

OBJECTIVES:  To raise the standards of, and provide continuity of care and education (Formal and informal) to all Mulanje’s orphaned children.

To integrate the orphaned children in the local community by fostering or adoption.

To raise awareness about issues related to FOMO’s activities.

To enable FOMO Mulanje, to be self-funding through business ventures.

To involve the local and greater community in FOMO’s activities.