FOMO says a massive thank you to all of those who were able to make a donation to help with our mission to improve the lives of the children in Mulanje. In the past month we have been able to maintain the feeding programme, clinic including the HIV/Aids unit. As our secondary school has been closed to the Covid 19 restrictions, the staff have implemented a distance learning scheme through our 14 centre and electronic platforms for those that have access to phones.

As a result of Covid 19 restrictions a system of social distances and hand washing with soap has been implemented at the centres. Though not perfect, the children and staff are coping well with the new restrictions.

The tailoring centre is busy making face masks, but other activities have had to be suspended, Computer and Driving School.

Unfortunately the formal playschool period have had to be suspended, but the children are still able to attend their nearest centre to access food.

Out of school activities, including football and netball have had to be suspended as a result of government restrictions.

Official News: The government tried to implement a UK style stay at home 21 day lockdown, but this was challenged in the court and still after two weeks we are waiting for a decision, hopefully this coming week. The main concern is that as people live from hand to mouth on a daily basis, how could they survive without any income or plan to help them.

Malawi has recorded 33 cases of the virus and 3 deaths, but has only done just over 500 tests. There is a bit of confusion about these figures with conflicting accounts. The main referral hospitals, have been cleared of patients and there are concerns about equipment and PPE. There is little transparency from the government on what resources they have and what plans need to be put in place.

Some travel restrictions in to the country are in place, but people are still moving fairly freely across the borders.

If you have access to a computer or google home devices then you can listen to Zodiac Radio, which gives some information in English about the current situation.

Other News: As has now closed, FOMO has set up an account with Virgin Money.

Other ways to donate can found on our web site under the donate button. Click Here

Malawi still has a longway until it gets back to normal and even normal is not that great. FOMO will be there to help where it can and we appriciate all the support you can give to maintain our care and development programme.


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