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Saturday 7th April 2-4 pm – Afternoon tea, at St. Andrews Church Hall, Longton _____________________ All Welcome _______________________

From school hostels, community sports, medical supplies to food and wheel chairs, soap and all manner of things we have a small but dedicated band of fund raisers going above and beyond to help the children in rural Malawi. They and we would appreciate your support.

London MarathonDavid Coxhead – After stating I would never again put my body through the trauma of a Marathon, 3 years later I am doing it again……… Click Here

Run Namibia to MozambiqueBuilding a School Hostel –Brendan Rendall – In May 2018 I will be running the Malawi Marathon followed by running Coast to Coast of Africa Namibia to Mozambique – 4000KM ……………………….……….. Click Here

Namibia to Mozambique – Edyta Wierzbowska  I have decided to dedicate 2018 to support Friends of Mulanje Orphans charity and help build a Boys Hostel for orphaned children in Malawi ………………….. Click Here

Medical SuppliesKatharine Balfour This summer I have the privilege to volunteer for the charity, Friends of Mulanje Orphans …… Click Here

Sports, Sports – Keith Woodworth, (Me) – My challenge is to raise funds for a sports field, including a small stand that will be used by the local boys and girls .. Click Here

Start fund raising today, to give direct aid and support to the orphaned and vulnerable children.

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All donations, (Apart from transaction fees) will go to helping the children in Malawi.