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Football plays a significant part in the lives of Malawians and the children of FOMO are no exception. Whether it is watching, playing or following their favourite UK league teams on the couple of tiny televisions available to them in Mulanje, they do so with a passion equal to that of actually being there.

Our teams have won a number of cups over the years, including the presidential and Mulanje league cups. Playing on grounds in summer that resemble hard rough uneven sand paper and in the rainy season resemble a slimy, potholed, puddle ridden quagmire. Our kit, players and especially the boots take a bit of a pounding, so it was with great pleasure that Kit Aid were able to provide us with some shirts and tops to go into this years container.

JonesAround FOMO 13 centres both the younger older children have benefited from contributions from Kit aid, Tarleton FC, Lancashire FA, personal donations of kit and boots and from their idols Liverpool FC over the years. We always need more, conditions are very tough on balls and boots, but we also need kit including pads, socks etc. if you can help in any way please contact us. Video Click Here

I must put in a plea for the girls as they are just as passionate about netball as the boys are about football and their kit comes under the same harsh playing conditions as the football. Balls, trainers, bibs, kit etc are always welcome.


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