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DSCF4731Since 1974 Inter Care have recycled quality medicines and following requests have securely sent them to rural Africa.

Inter Care are a unique charity that recycles GP patient returned medicines which would otherwise be sent to landfill or incineration.

FOMO’s registered clinic, the children and local population in Mulanje, Malawi have benefited from Inter Care’s Medicine to Africa programme with several deliveries of medicine a year over a number of years. Inter Care have also responded to specific needs in times of crisis with special deliveries of life saving medicines.

This programme is highly controlled and ensures that medicines only go to registered medically trained staff. It is a unique way to recycle the vast amount of medicines that would normally be destroyed. If you are a GP or Pharmacist who would like to help, then please Click Here for more information.

 Saving lives and remember FOMO treats the children, over 5000 free of charge.

DSCF4738As with any health care programme, the need for medicine and services is vital for growing children and the community. Inter Care’s contribution is invaluable, but they can’t cover all the children’s medical situations, we still need to maintain the infrastructure, buy drugs to meet some of the conditions local to the area, Malaria, Bilharzia etc. If you can help our MedicalCare programme, you will be saving lives. Click Here

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