Oliver Simbota

Oliver01By: Oliver Simbota

BRIEF FAMILY BACKGROUND: My name is Oliver Simbota. I am a boy of 22 years. I am the last born in a family of 7 children (three sons and four daughters). My father died in 1997 when I was very young. My mother also died in 2003 when I was in standard 3 (primary level) followed by my elder brother in 2010. From my family, no one had managed to complete his or her education up to secondary or tertiary level like me. As a result of death of my father and mother, all my sisters got married early due to lack of support. All my sisters and brother depend on farming for their daily living. One of my sisters took me in 2001 to live with her though she was not working. I have been living with her from my childhood till today.

JOINING FOMO: I was very hopeless about my future before I joined FOMO. I realized that I have bright future when I joined FOMO in 2002. Throughout my primary school level, FOMO has been supporting me in various ways like providing food, medical treatment, clothes, soap, notebooks and pens just to mention few. During my stay at FOMO, I have been also learning many talents like playing piano and singing.

When I was selected to boarding secondary school to continue my education, FOMO did not stop there but to continue paying me school fees. Apart from school fees, FOMO was also providing things like pocket money, notebooks, blanket, mosquito net, travelling bag, school bag and much more.

FOMO has done a great job to my life and I can’t exhaust all the things which FOMO has done to my life throughout my primary, secondary and even now at tertiary level.

FULFILMENT OF MY DREAM: FOMO is now doing a great job to me by fulfilling my dream of becoming a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. From my childhood, I have been thinking of becoming medical personnel. I was not sure of which department in medical field I would want to be working but what I remember is that I was very curious about what makes people to fall sick. I was also interested in searching things and asking myself many questions.

Then I applied to Malawi Adventist University to do my first degree in Medical Laboratory Science. I like this course because I really know that I will assist the world in various ways. I really wish also to put FOMO CLINIC on map in terms of providing best services and to turn it into a hospital. I am now in second year of my studies.

SPECIAL THANKS: In a special way, I would like to extend my gratitude to Aunt Mary Uncle Keith and Sister Mary (Mary Petrofsky) for the massive support you are rendering to me for paying my school fees. I don’t want to take it for granted because I really know that there are many people who have failed to continue their education up to University level due to lack of money. I just want also to encourage you that please continue the work you have already started of paying me the school fees.

I want also to thank Sister Mary for the first aid classes you provided to me. The knowledge of first aid you put in me is really helping to many people around me.

Finally, I would like to thank FOMO UK as well as FOMO MALAWI for the support you give to me as well as other FOMO registered members. May God bless you all. Zikomo kwambiri (Thank you very much).

FUTURE PLANS: I am expecting to work at FOMO CLINIC as a laboratory scientist after finishing my degree in Medical Laboratory Science. I am also expecting to support my fellow orphans after my studies.

DURING HOLIDAYS: I assist at FOMO CLINIC during my holidays and conduct first aid classes to FOMO children across FOMO 14 centres around Mulanje district.


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