Giving Gift Certificates

FOMO FOR CHRISTMAS Giving gift certificates is an easy way of solving present giving and Walmer Bridge- based FOMO (Friends of Mulanje Orphans) is encouraging people to do just that. You’ll limit your shopping stress and enrich the lives of the thousands of orphans in their care in the Mulanje district of Malawi.

You might be forgiven for thinking an £8 gift certificate for a football can’t make a difference, but it will. A little goes a long way in Malawi!

There are four categories of certificate. Food covers beehives, chickens, a month of food or a year of food. Health options are blankets, mosquito nets, malaria treatments and doctor’s appointments. Educational gifts cover uniform, school shoes or a chair and desk. Mulanje’s young boys are good footballers and the girls keen on netball so balls and kit are warmly welcomed.

Gift vouchers range from £5 to £150. If you’ve more money to spend a bike gift is £80 and a hand-dug bore hole that would bring clean water to a whole community, £1,000.

  • Football £5Gift Pic
  • Malaria treatment £5
  • Mosquito net £5
  • Netball £8
  • Blanket £10
  • Chickens £10
  • Doctor’s appointment and medication £10
  • Food for 1 month £10
  • Football/Netball kit £15
  • School uniform £18
  • Beehive £20
  • School shoes £20
  • Bike £80
  • Food for 1 year £100
  • Bunk bed with materesses £120 (NEW)
  • School chair and desk £150
  • Hand dug borehole £1000

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