Beds – Essential not just a comfort

IMAG0313aThere are many bits of furniture we need for the new girls’ hostel like wardrobes, side tables, chairs etc which will have to have made when we get funding, but one essential item is beds, which I know aren’t regarded by some other schools in Malawi as essential, but its important to lift the children off the floor, so the bugs and creepy crawlies don’t join them in bed at night, not to mention the cold and damp. Part of hostel build plan was to provide bunk beds, mattresses, which could be enclosed in a mosquito net, so it was with great delight that the first bunk beds started to arrive. We now have 7, but need 44.

To help the local employment the beds are made in Mulanje and the basic frame is made out of hardwood. The supply of the beds is not great only, one a day, but with only basic hand tools and rough cut wood the situation is not ideal. FOMO did come to the rescue and help out a bit by providing some additional tools and equipment to help the job along and we have to thank those in the UK that have given the planes, hammers. chisels etc in the past, they do come in very useful.

FOMO needs 44 bunk beds, 88 mattress and mosquito nets at a unit cost of around £125 ($188 USD) Total £5,500 ($8,250 USD), we were kindly given our first donation of £500 ($750 USD) if you can give even a small amount to help us reach our targe it will be appreciated and the children can be kept safe.

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