FOMO Delivers Afripads

Studies have shown that in school-aged girls’ menstrual health ‘one of the most effective ways to deal with menstruation is to go home’. Due to the relatively high cost of pads against actual family income, girls will improvise with cloth, or bark tree lining, or mattress stuffing.

There are many high profile organizations, including the Malawi government talking about the need to help with female issues, but little is done for positive direct help. The Malawi government still insists on charging import duty on female sanitary products.  

Afri sanitary pads are produced in Uganda and are a washable reusable pad and come in packs of 8. FOMO with its focus on direct meaningful aid, were delighted to receive a donation from St. HelensSorotimist LOGO Soroptimists to purchase a number of these pads that have been given out free to the girls.  From surprisingly frank, (they are quite happy to talk freely about, which goes against a common perception) feedback from the girls there are some minor issues which have been fed back to the supplier, but on the whole the product meets the girls’ needs and allows them to feel comfortable and confident while playing sport and going about their daily lives.

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