FISS Girl’s Hostel Build – Update


Picture above: Finishing the main entrance to the hostel and installing the window glass.

The building of the girl’s hostel for the FOMO Independent Secondary School, (FISS) goes on at a steady rate. The target opening date was 8th September 2014, but as this is only two days away, I guess we have missed it, but on the up side the steps have now been finished (the picture is a week old). The glass has now been fitted and the painting is on-going.

Considering the late start, the size of the project and the difficulties of any construction in rural Malawi, everyone has put in a tremendous effort. It puts a new spin on it when you have to make your own bricks and dig the sand out of the river. Taking everything into consideration it is a great job done by Lypha, (projects manager), and the building crew, to whom we have to say a big thank you.

The final completion won’t actually be until the end of September, but the work outstanding is only cosmetic, i.e. outside pointing, fascia boards, general clean up etc. The building will be usable before then as the septic tank is almost done, we have water and electricity and the final fix is all done for showers and toilets etc.

There are still a couple of things that need major funding:

  • The roof design allows for water collection on a grand scale to be used for washing clothes. Unfortunately the funding we had did not cover water tanks and guttering, the cost of this is around £1,600, ($2,500 USD), but we were stretched to the limit on the build, so if you can help we would be grateful.
  • The Hostel needs beds, and we had a kind donation of £500 which enabled us to make 7 bunk beds (not including mattresses), but we actually need 44 bunk beds and mattresses.

Above are the two major items of funding needed, but its like setting up your first home, we also need 20 shower curtains, 50 lamp shades, curtains, curtain rails, cupboards and side tables and all manner of other small things. We are working hard to make it all a reality and every £1 helps.


Picture Above: 6 meter deep septic tank with soak away under construction

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