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LOGOJoe Mwandidya and Wise Chauluka accompanied by Jefferson Milanzie of Young Achievers for Development (YAD) and MIJ FM radio personality facilitated a youth empowerment debate that was warmly hosted at FOMO Independent Secondary School by FOMO’s Director Mrs Mary Woodworth.

The FOMO students and alumni were joined by students from Jacaranda Pvt. School in Blantyre. The participation was highly interactive, but more time and resources are needed to continue with the debates especially at a time when the country will be going to tripartite polls in May of 2014.

The guest of honour was Gabriel Hons-Olivier – Public Affairs Officer USA Embassy. With him was Mr. Limbani Chipembere. During the recorded debate Gabriel took sometime to interact with the youth who gathered for the occasion. Youth were reminded to take up responsibility to something about their future and that they should not always wait for someone to do anything for them. Getting started was very important. The youth were very enthusiastic and participated very well during the debate anchored by Rachel Mhango of MIJ FM.

The debate session which took place at FOMO centre in Mulanje was organized in order to engage the youth in determining their destiny. The young people came out very clearly to define what they could do differently if in public office. Among other things greed and self enrichment was seen as a cause for poor governance where interests of the people were ignored completely. Given the opportunity, OUR VOICE, OUR FUTURE provides the best platform for young people to voice out their aspirations.

The Project “Our Voice, Our Future” aims to mobilize young people from all sectors of society across the country to assist them to get organized within youth associations / groups / cooperatives, assist them gain social, entrepreneurial and developmental skills. .

OUR VOICE, OUR FUTURE wish to thank the US Embassy in particular Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Limbani who joined the youth. Thanks go to FOMO Management and staff for the wonderful reception. coupled with renewed hope and optimism among a people. To the young people who came to the function we extend our sincere thanks for a job well done.

In the classroom

Gabriel took time to interact with the youth and encouraged them to be responsible and participate in development work. Without waiting for things to happen rather be part of the future they want to be.

Visitors bookMr. Gabriel took time to sign the visitors book at FOMO Independent Secondary School where the debate took place. Mrs Mary Woodworth (in the centre) witnessed the signing moment as she looked on flanked by Wise Chauluka. The experience was tremendous. This marked a memorable day to the school. Some prospects for the future were discussed and follow up actions will follow. The day was indeed great.

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