School Update Exam Day

DSCF4486 TeachersAs the school edges towards its new beginning, it was a land mark moment this week to welcome aboard the teaching staff, which will help to mould school and students over the coming years.

The FOMO staff have been busy finishing off various aspects of facilities and procedures. One element not to be overlooked is the enrolment of the students, this process start yesterday with an entrance exam. We were a little unsure how many would attend the exam session, but were delighted that over 200 potential students turned up on the day. Sadly we can only take 100 students this year, therefore many will be very disappointed, but we do have plans if ESCOM finally connect the electric to run an afternoon/ night school, though not ideal there is hope.

DSCF4470There is a great desire for education in Malawi, but sadly not many places in secondary school. This may be a small beginning, but with your help on this project we will make a big difference to the children in Mulanje. We do have many plans to expand the school and give more children a chance and with your continued support we will reach our goal one day.

DSCF4502 school sign Note we now have a painted sign, (Little by Little)