Save the trees, catch the rain

 Water Harvesting: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few posts back we managed to install three 6,000 litre water tanks a FOMO Tambala, the final plan was to pipe the water into the building to the toilets and wash basins, also to have an outside tap that we could use to water in the vegetable garden. Well the FOMO Mulanje team has now completed the installation. Congratulations for a job well done.

DSCF6053aWe still retain the outside toilets, but the ability to wash one’s hands afterwards is a great step forward. The staff and children will still have a bit of a learning curve to go up to strike a balance between water usage and water collection, but time will tell over the next year.

There is enough rainfall averaged over the year to supply the centre, but 3 more tanks would help us with collection and security of supply throughout the year.

DSCF6039aWe also have 5 more centers and the Secondary School that would benefit greatly from installation of water collection tanks. It does make sense to install tanks and if we can add water solar heaters to the system, we can save a great deal on the scarce firewood.

Save the trees, catch the rain


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