Life Saving Monitor

Help Purchase a Life Saving Monitor?

News about HIV/Aids in Malawi has trickled away, but new cases are still occurring and the essential long term care is still on going.

HIV patients need regular blood tests to monitor and assess their treatment and progress.

FOMO clinic has a dedicated unit to test and provide vital on going treatment to HIV patients, but it needs a Haematology Analyser. (Nearest one is over 40 miles away)

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The cost of the Analyser is £8,000 / every donation will count and is ring fenced

Haematology analyser is the essential tool to check the patients Full Blood Count. Number of red / white cells and platelets in the blood.

Educate – Test – Monitor – Treat – Prevent

This essential tool will help to save lives throughout Rural Mulanje



Haematology Analyser 17 tests: WBC; RBC; HGB; HCT; MCV; MCH; MCHC; PLT; NEUT #%; LYM #%; MXD #%; RDW-SD; RDW-CV; and MPV