Science Block

Late last year we, after only a few months of construction, were delighted to finish the new science block. The block consists of three science rooms each dedicated to its own discipline, (Physical Science, Biology and Agricultural science). Each classroom has its own secure store and can hold up to 50 students. In addition we also added an activity room for the students. This room is used for the many school clubs and is also a big hit with the teachers as it is both light and airy.

Late December we finally were able to purchase lab desks and stools, (Thanks to S & K Engineering, Blantyre for completing the order in record time) and as I pen this note the classrooms are in full use on a daily basis, freeing up our original lab to be used as a normal classroom. We still have many funding challenges in front of us and they include:

  • Additional Lab Equipment: Test tubes, stands, Tripods, dishes, microscopes etc.
  • Lab sinks
  • Text books: Malawi is moving to a new syllabus and exam structure and therefore we need to buy the new curriculum books for the children, teachers and school library.
  • Additional tables and chairs for the activity room, the one we have are designed for primary school children and we need to purchase new tables and chairs to suit our age group.

The school is now almost at full capacity we have only 2 places left out of a maximum intake of 400. The Girls hostel is full with 92 students, but we need funding to build a boys hostel as we have 60 boys who are self boarding, (renting) as it is too far for them to travel home on a daily basis.

If you can possibly help by fund raising or making a donation, we will ensure that money raised will be used in the best way to gain maximum value. Direct Aid at its best

To donate please follow the donate button.

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If you have any questions or need clarification we are here to help.