FOMO Update

img_6526-2As the bustle of Christmas fades and the light of the world is passed on, it’s time for pulling up the new socks, (Can’t have enough socks in your life) and thinking about the year to come and years past

2016 full of highs and lows – the needless passing away of friends due to lack of medical resources, Brendan’s epic run through Malawi, opening of the school science block, meeting new people from around the world. The commitments of everyone to help the children have better lives. The cheerful way that young Malawians face adversity, as the country struggles with mayor power cuts, water shortages and lack of infrastructure, (Roads, health care, education and just about everything) placing Malawi as one of the poorest in the world

FOMO has been there, helping through the floods, failed harvest, providing formal and informal education, health care, food security and activities to the children and local community. Its has been a bit of a financial struggle this year, poor exchange rate, (Brexit), Malawi’s inflation running at nearly 30% for basic food, (Around 22% for everything else) but we have refined our operations and made it though with the  hard work and generosity of everyone, we say a big thank you.

Looking forward, the FOMO secondary school, in it’s forth year is making a big impact on the surrounding community with 400 children coming from all over Mulanje district and beyond. Our four major problems to address at the school are funding for a generator, (Due to the constant power cuts) Science block furniture and equipment, building of a boys hostel, (We have sixty students self boarding which is not good for their security or welfare) and due to curriculum changes additional text books. We in 2016 refurbished FOMO Kadawere, but the other 13 centres all need some attention, particularly Chimyana which was swept away in the current storms and really needs a brick building. The clinic is stable, but as with all health units needs constant funding for drugs/supplies to support the children and community.

After school activities include football, netball, art club, drama, photography, choirs, updating, (online news run by the children) and much more, all need a little help from time to time. FOMO FC raises some funds from the games, but at 22p pp, (Children free) to watch a home game, does not cover its costs, but it’s a start.

As FOMO goes into 2017, the essential work continues, its not glamorous or headline grabbing, but stable and steadily, making that one to one direct difference to over 3,500 children and support staff.  

DSCF0773With your support the work of FOMO will continue as long as we are relevant, we have over the last 16 years helped tens of thousands of children, saved many lives, made a difference in a direct way. There is still much to do, so lets make 2017 the best ever.

God Bless

Keith Woodworth for FOMO

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