Container – but no way to go !!!

Just when you thought things were going, if not well, but OK, out of the blue a new opportunity presents itself.


Those following FOMO over the years will know that each year we send a container full of essential items collected from many individuals around the UK. What they may not know is that a large part of the cost over the last 8 years was donated to us by a shipping company in Manchester, England. Sadly for all involved the shipping company has had to reorganise,  resulting in the closure of the Manchester office. The knock on affect is that they can no longer supply us with a container, which is a bit unfortunate as we have a warehouse full of goods ready to go, but no funds to send them. Add to this the place where we store all the goods before we ship, need their facility back before the end of November, (Glum)

This all looks bleak to say the least, but if you can help in anyway in funding the container and sending these essential goods to the children, please contact me at  or ring Mary on 01772 619409

The cost of sending the container from the UK to Malawi is in two parts, £6,800 at the UK end and £1,500 at the Malawi end.  Even a small contribution will help.