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FOMO, Friends of the Mulanje Orphans
Ref: /Int/FOMO/Dec 2008
First published by RIBI: 2008/09

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Project name: FOMO, Friends of the Mulanje Orphans

2015/6 Rotary Targeted Project:

Water Harvesting: Water is essential to ever aspect of life, and there is a growing shortage of water in FOMO’s operating area.

The object of this new initiative is to equip the FOMO centres, school and clinic with water tanks to collect water from the roof.

This water will be used for growing vegetables, washing clothes, personal washing and general cleaning, relieving the pressure on collecting precious drinking water from the local bore hole which may be some distance away.

FOMO funded by South Ribble Rotary Club completed such a project at FOMO Tambala centre a few years ago. The aim is to replicate the the success of this venture and provide the community based centers, secondary school and Clinic with similar facilities.

£5,000 will provide two 5000 litre tanks, guttering, base platforms and pipe work. The installation will use local labour and materials providing employment within the catchment area.  

FOMO has 20 locations that would make and impact on the community and benefit from the installation of the tanks.

FOMO’s Goal: The mission of FOMO is to provide and enhance the health, education, shelter and meet the basic human needs of all orphaned children of Mulanje.

FOMO’s Objectives: To raise standards of and provide continuity of care and education to all Mulanje’s orphaned children.

  • To integrate the orphaned children in the local community by fostering and adoption.
  • To raise awareness about issues related to FOMO’s activities.
  • To enable FOMO Mulanje, to be self funding through business ventures.
  • To involve the local and greater community in FOMO’s activities.

Description: FOMO is a community based programme and has a long-term aim, to make FOMO Mulanje self-sufficient.

The ultimate aim is for FOMO Mulanje to be in a position to meet the needs of the orphaned children and local community.

First priority is to identify and feed the orphaned children most in need. From this base it can then attend to the children’s individual needs in respect of Food, Security, Health, Education, Economic and Emotional care. Over the past five years the number of children attending FOMO centres has risen from 20 to over 4,500. An infrastructure of 14 centres covering 80 villages is being established in the Mulanje district of Malawi.

The aim of each of the centres is to provide the infrastructure for the following activities:

  • Feeding programme
  • Provision of information (Aids/HIV, Health, Legal)
  • Promote Activity (Sport, Plays, Youth Groups etc) providing cohesion to community
  • Promote Learning (Under 14 Play-schools, Open learning centre, formal education).
  • Promote skills (Formal and Informal skills learning).

Other ways Rotarians can help:

  • Supplying all types of aid including building materials and equipment, food supplies, household goods, educational materials, libraries, child packs.
  • Basic medical equipment to enable a “first responder” service before referral to clinics or hospital
  • Monetary donations for projects, transport of containers, food programme. These can be tailored to the club’s capability.
  • Involvement of local schools and organisations increasing awareness and funding.
  • Provision of volunteers to assist on a short term basis at the centres.


  • Over 4,500 children
  • 17 locations with 14 centres (8 purpose built)
  • Children’s activities at every centre, Including Football, Netball Drama, Art
  • 14 playschools
  • 350 children sponsored at secondary school
  • Funds further education
  • Operates a registered clinic with “Out Reach” programme
  • Operates a Secondary School with hostel facilities (Girls)
  • Operates Daily feeding programme
  • Gardening projects
  • Operates computer school
  • Operates driving school
  • Operates Tailoring facility (school)
  • Head office in Mulanje

We also provide:

  • Bore holes
  • Water collection systems
  • Blankets
  • Mosquito nets
  • Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc
  • Clothing, shoes, school uniforms etc
  • Sports wear and kit
  • Educational materials, copy books, text books, pencils, pens, etc
  • Fund many local and regional FOMO football and Netball teams
  • We have also profided a number of coffins over the years

Main objectives 2015-2016

  • Maintain and expand the existing programme
  • Water Harvesting
  • Build an additional science block to compliment FOMO’s secondary school
  • Other projects can be found on the main project page

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Email: or your District International Service Chairman

School Children

There are many small low cost projects that compliment the school and FOMO other activities that can be found under the How to Help button on the web site.

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