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100% of your donation will provide direct help to sustain and improve the children’s lives. Making that difference.
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FOMO has been there since 2000 looking after orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi will you be there for them in the future?

Are you able to leave a gift in your WILL to help the children out of poverty?

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) is a community based orphan care programme supporting over 2,000 children through a network of 14 centres in Mulanje district of Malawi.

img_6526-2FOMO covers all aspects of the children’s welfare including health through our outreach clinics, formal and informal education, food security and production. The programme also covers pre-school, out of school activities and further learning through our playschools, driving and tailoring schools. The programme also covers the provision of school materials, personal items (Soap, clothes, blankets, and mosquito nets) and community and much more.

The programme is run by a very small staff of over 83 local workers and volunteers; our funds are raised by a small, but resourceful volunteer committee in the UK. FOMO provides direct aid and reaches out to many thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children, but it does need a regular source of funding and your personal donations are both valued and appreciated.

FOMO, established June 2000, is a registered charity in both the UK and Malawi.

2022 has been very difficult and challenging, but we kept going and this is a list of some of FOMO’s achievements in 2022, and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has contributed to helping the children and hope that you will help us again in 2023

2022 Major Achievements

  • Identification of over 2,000 children
  • Maintained and ran 14 FOMO Centres
  • Maintained the children feeding programme, to 2000 children
  • Maintained Health Care to the children most in need
  • Operating a day Clinic and Outreach programme
  • Operating a HIV treatment centre.
  • Assisted patients at the district hospital
  • 83 Staff and Volunteers
  • Ran a secondary school 500 + students,
  • Maintained our links with Intercare (Medicine)
  • Maintained our links with KitAid (Sports Kit)
  • Ran sports bonanzas and local league with over 240, U12,  U14 and U17 Football teams, netball and athletics,
  • Ran Activities Songs, Drama, Excursions, Dance, Stories, Sport, Reading Classes
  • Ran and Maintained a Maize mill facility.
  • Ran the driving school, Car and up to 3 tonne lorry
  • Provided personal toiletries, shoes, clothes, sport ware and equipment.
  • Funded,packed and filled one 40ft container.
  • Distributed goods from the container to the centres and children
  • Funding for 1 student at medical college
  • Funding for1 student at University, studying social welfare
  • Provided school uniforms, text books, shoes and educational materials
  • Support to all the FOMO registered Primary School Children
  • Maintenance and Repair of Buildings and vehicles
  • Ran and Maintained 14 Play Schools via centre committees
  • Ran and Maintained the tailoring school
  • Ran and Maintained small basic recording studio, (Closed most of the year due to failed computer)
  • Supported community football and netball. FOMO FC
  • Organised fund raising events in Mulanje
  • Built school sports gym and sports ground. More equipment still needed
  • Installed 3 oil filled cooking electric kettles (School) to help reduce firewood used
  • Provided links and funding support for Mulanje Albino Group
  • With the help and funding from West Lancashire Scouts:
    • Built Mangani FOMO Community Centre
    • Repainted FOMO Chole Community Centre
    • Build a Chicken House at FOMO’s school
    • Built a pit toilet block at FOMO’s school
    • Built rocket stoves at FOMO’s school
    • Built a playground at Kumwamba FOMO Centre
    • Installed two water tanks and guttering to collect rain water at FOMO’s school Hostels.
  • Converted the old library at FOMO Kuwmamba into a hostel with beds, toilets and showers to accommodate for upto 50 people. (This is mainly used at weekends by the under 14 sports teams.)

2023 Major Challenges. We would appreciate any funding help

Secure Funding for FOMO’s Essential Core Activities:

  • Food Programme
  • Fund and send a 40ft Container
  • General Clinic, HIV Clinic and Outreach Programme
  • Secondary School Places (Provide Fees)
  • School Teaching Resources & Equipment
  • Finish new hostel, (Ceiling, Furniture)
  • Activity programme (Sport, Art, Music etc)

Wish List: Funds needed. We would appreciate any funding help

  • 150 exam desks (School)
  • 500 plastic staking chairs  (School)
  • 100 plastic top folding tables (School)
  • Additional School Classroom Block (School)
  • Additional School text books and science equipment
  • Additional classroom for school and centres, (Desks, Chairs, Tables)
  • Additional Gym equipment
  • Water Harvesting Project (5 Centres)
  • School and centre Solar Water heaters to reduce cost of cooking.
  • School Security Wall
  • Irrigation for new sports field at school
  • Refurbish existing FOMO Centres, (Mainly painting)
  • Build FOMO Centres at Naluwadi, Nessa
  • Additional Girls and Boys Hostel Block

Without you none of this could happen. Thank you

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